Why were the Dalmatians used by fire stations?

The Dalmatian can be described as a medium-sized dog that is best recognized for its black or liver-stained fur. Initially it was used as a transport dog and its origin can be traced back to Croatia in Dalmatia to be more specific. When fully grown, it is estimated to be 19 to 23 inches tall with the male breed a little bigger than the female. This breed of dog has a serious health problem with their hearing. It is known that many Dalmatian dogs are deaf and only about 70% have normal hearing. Initially, deafness was not recognized by the first breeders, and therefore the dogs were taught not to be intelligent. The breed is characterized by strong hunting instincts and is a good rat eradicator.


Why were the Dalmatians used by fire stations?

Dalmatian dogs are well known for being strong and aggressive dogs, and therefore have been used in firefighting to protect the equipment of companies. These dogs were used at a time when most of the fire companies operated privately. There were contests from various fire fighting organizations and the fire stations were paid for by insurance companies according to which the Fire Company turned off the fire. Therefore, whenever a fire occurred, the firefighting companies rushed to the fire point and first managed to reach the fire point, hooked to a hydrant and completed the operation. Through this, fire stations could be paid by the insurance company. The Dalmatian dogs represented an additional advantage for their strength in the fight against fires, and therefore most of the fire-fighting companies made sure that they had some to take over while they took care of the fire. However, the Dalmatian dog was a rare breed and most of them were deaf, but this did not hinder or affect their work rate or the speed with which they took orders from their bosses, which is why they were the most preferred.

During this initial period, the fire companies used horses to pull fire engines because there were no traces. The Dalmatian dogs served to keep the horses calm in their stables, and it was a common scenario to see these dogs running in front of the horses. The resistance of the dogs and their excellent resistance made it more suitable to be used by fire-fighting companies because it could travel long distances taking a scenario in which a fire had broken out in a distant place.

In conclusion, the Dalmatians are better recognized for working for the fire brigade. The Dalmatians are very comfortable with horses, and so they are probably taught to run in front of carriages to help clear the path and lead firefighters and horses to the source of the fire. They are well thought out to make perfect guard dogs, which is why they were used by fire stations to protect the fire stations and their equipment. It can be concluded that this breed of dog has served American fire service well and will be remembered forever despite the fact that these days the dog is considered a pet.

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