What Is Croquet;How To Play Croquet?

What Is Croquet;How To Play Croquet?Croquet is a sport similar to golf.Croquet can be practiced as a sport or hobby. It is an outdoor game, in which a mallet is used to hit wooden or plastic balls.

To play croquet, you need:

  • 10 arches.
  • 6 wooden mallets of different colors.
  • 6 wooden balls of different colors.
  • 2 stakes.
  • Be between 2 and 6 players.

How to install a croquet game:

We mark the ground and place the arches as we wish. However, here is how to install a game of croquet in general.

  • he black lines: they represent the 10 arches. Number 4, located in the center of the field, represents two arches that intersect. They are numbered to indicate the order of passage.
  • Orange rounds (A and B): these are the 2 pegs.
  • Green arrows: way to go.
  • Red arrows: way back.

How to play croquet:

To start a game of croquet , each player must first choose a mallet and a ball of the same color. The players then place themselves about 20 cm from the first stake (A stake)

he first player starts, he must hit his wooden ball to pass under the hoop 1. If the player fails and therefore his ball does not pass under the hoop 1 then he takes it in hand and it is to opponent to try his luck. As long as we do not pass the first arch, we start again at the beginning. If the ball goes well under the first arch, we continue to play. If she does not pass the second arch, we leave the ball where she is and it is up to the next player to play.

Whenever a ball goes under the good hoop the player can replay. And if the ball goes under two arches, he can play two shots later. The change of player occurs each time a player magnifying a bow or magnifying his ball. When a player arrives at the number 7 bow he has finished the course. To begin the return he must touch with his ball the stake B. Then he can start the round trip.

When a player touches the ball of another player, after having passed an arch, he can “chew”. To do this, he places his ball against the other and puts his foot on his. With the aid of his mallet, he gives a blow in his ball which is reflected in that of his opponent so as to distance it as far as possible. In addition, the player has the right to replay. Be careful, if the player’s ball moves while he “crunches” the stroke is canceled and the player passes his turn.

The ground is marked Wlth a white chalk band round base and side lines and a spot 3 ft from the lines is placed at each angle. The start of each player is made from any point between the centre Of the base line and the left Corner at either end of the ground.

Two terms used in the game need to be explained: croquet is to strike another ball with one’s own; croquet is, after making a roquet, to take up the striking ball, place it against the ball struck wherever it may have rolled, and then play so that both the balls in contact are moved. If a player fails to make a point, i.e. to pass through a hoop or strike the peg or both, in, of course, the proper order as stated above, or if he fails to croquet another ball, he ends his turn, and the next player in turn plays.

If he succeeds in making a point, he has another stroke; if he roquets, he then takes croquet, lays the stroke or has another stroke after the alls have been struck or croqueted. In the old game, the player could place his foot on his own ball, but this has been disallowed for many decades. Also opponents’ balls could be driven out of play; now no ball must be croqueted across the boundary line; if it is, the player does not play his second stroke and loses his turn. The ball out of bounds is replaced 3 ft from the line where it crossed.

With a true lawn and a knowledge of tactics the game can be as skilful in combination and in power of leaving balls for the next stroke or strokes as billiards. Special attention must be given to the various strokes made in making roquets. If the player wishes to take his second stroke at some distance he rushes the object ball, that is, strikes it so hard that it travels a considerable distance.

A skillful player can, with  If, however, an opponent is wired so that no object ball is possibly available, he may lift his ball and go cack to the starting point or baulk. The best way of holding the mallet and standing has been much discussed. A swing or pendulum stroke is from every point of view the best, and it may be made either by standing facing across the ball and swinging the mallet between the legs, or by standing with one foot or both in a line parallel with the ball and swinging the mallet with the right hand lower down and the left at the top; but the methods of grip are as various as those of golf.

The Croquet today

The World Croquet Federation was founded in 1986 and regularly organizes the championships. In 1993, the France Croquet Federation (FFC) was born under the aegis of the French Golf Federation but it will be dissolved a few years later.

The main countries playing croquet are the England the Australia,the New Zealand, the United States ,the Ireland and Scotland the Canada  and South Africa.Golf Croquet is in particular played in Egypt, but also in most places where the croquet association is played,The American rules croquet is played in the United States and Canada. Finally, gate ball, a very close game, is played by millions of people in Japan and in China, and smaller numbers elsewhere.

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