What Is Crochet;4 Basic Techniques Of Crochet

What Is Crochet;4 Basic Techniques Of CrochetThe crochet , also known as crochet or crocheting , is a type of fabric that is used for making tablecloths, clothing or bedding. To be able to make crochet you need to buy yarn and a crochet hook. The hook used must be sized according to the material and pattern. Hooks are made of steel (sizes from 2 to 7), composition or bone (sizes 6 to 12).

For over a hundred years crochet has been intermittently popular enjoying its greatest vogue during Victorian times, which was followed by an almost total eclipse. It has now regained a certain and well merited return to favor certain and well merited return to favor.

Its delicate lacy effect is shown to advantage, on altar cloths, the edgings of surplices and church linen in general, on table-cloths and mats tray-cloths and in the edgirws of all kinds of linen, such as handkerchiefs collars. etc.

From the many and beautiful traditional designs of crosses, letters, grapevines and flowers seen in church C. down to the simplest using up of odd yarn scraps’ in the making of pram and cot covers.It is easy to learn and lends itself to short spells of work at odd moments, since much of it can be worked in small squares or lozenges and afterwards joined together.

Two chief kinds of crochet  are German and Victorian.

German consists of several different kinds of stitches, including chain stitch, single stitch, double stitch, treble stitch, etc.

Victorian or Tunisian crochet is sometimes known where the stitches of a row are held on one hook, a row of chain is worked to form the base, and each stitch is then looped on the hooked needle to the end.The thread is then twisted round the hook and passed through one loop then round again and through two loops, and thus all the stitches are worked off.

The 4 basic techniques to get started in Crochet.

The choice of needle

Knowing how to  choose the needle according to the type of material and thickness  that we are going to work with, as well as the task to be carried out, is fundamental when starting to crochet. It is important to know the thickness of the yarn, wool or cloth.

Chain stitch for crochet

The chain is the basis of any crochet work, although there are techniques that do without it. It is the simplest point and serves to start a new row.Make as many chain stitches as you consider necessary for your work, keeping in mind that the starting point where the needle is located is never counted.

Low crochet

Also known as a half point, it is a compact point that forms a dense and dense tissue. It also has the mission to change to the next row and level the difference in height with it. To do this, make an extra chain stitch to those you need for your work and start with the steps for the low point.

High point for crochet

It is a very used point that has twice the height as a low point and forms a more loose fabric.Before starting with the high point, make three more chain stitches more than your work needs (to be able to change to the next row leaving more space).

Seal the strands or join pieces

When you have finished your work, finish all the loose strands on the edge. For this you must use a needle to sew wool or embroider , which has an especially wide and long eye.

Use it also to join pieces by stitching them alternatively taking two threads on the right side and two on the left side.

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