Crochet fabrics

Crochet fabrics . It is made using any type of thread as a basic material and crochet needles as a fundamental tool.



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The word crochet is French and means hook, crochet, or hook work, and to do this work, the crochet is necessary.

This craft has its origin in the 90’s due to the crisis and scarcity of resources.

The teachers of Labor Education in the Basic Secondary, had to look for alternatives to develop the classes with the minimum of resources and keep the students in the workshops in carrying out manual operations, so one of the variants they used was the knitting crochet .


Crochet fabric


To start knitting we must make a gauze that fits on the index finger of the left hand, with the right hand the crochet hook is taken, it is inserted into the gauze, the thread is hooked and attracts us by passing it inside the gauze this action is repeated and the links are increased.

All applications are made by combining basic points; chain stitches, single, double, triple straps and the combined stitches: shells cables, crazy stitch, straps joined and closed in one stitch, half stitch.

If you want to make an application in a circular way we make a chain of 10 to 12 links, we close it to form a ring, then according to the design we can use bars (12 0 15) or chains, which would make up the second round, we join them and we begin a third round (a bar separated by a chain stitch), closes and goes to a fourth round that could be chain stitches, depending on what is observed in the drawing, it is interpreted and elaborated until the application is made.


Its fundamental objective is to promote the formation of values ​​through the making of crocheted articles, with a rational use of resources and to develop manual skills, thus expanding technical thinking, stimulating the application of creativity, maintaining an attitude of respect for work. and to the working class, forming qualities and feelings of producers when doing creative work.

This work has been used in the sphere of health and social workers with people who have mental disorders, who show symptoms of anxiety, who live alone, or who have a disability, in the FMC and especially to the colleagues who serve the community group to continue the rescue and dissemination of the traditional manual arts of our people.

Crochet fabric


Crochet fabric

Articles produced by weaving technique to Crochet : Handkerchief of women , circular mat 30 cm in diameter, tablecloth round of 1.30 m radius, layette boots, hat rack, coat rack, coverlet camero, personal coverlet, shoes for girls under 1 year old, hat for girls, hats, gloves , blouses, vests, collars for blouses, half-lengths of one meter, tips of one meter.


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