Cretonne : In the past, cretonne was a type of fabric woven from coarse-yarn linen, but today we call classic inspired English fabrics cretonne. They are very resistant fabrics so they are ideal both for upholstery, for use as a bedspread or even as a cover.


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  • 6 yarns
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Upholstery, bedspreads and covers. Country and beach dresses and decoration


They are very resistant and varied in design. Banked, stamped, sized and calendered.

It is the off-road talent among cotton fabrics: cretonne. Whether for upholstering furniture or sewing curtains, bedding or clothing in general.

Cretonne is a versatile, tightly woven cotton fabric. Thanks to its large part of linen, cotton cretonne has a firm touch.


Plain weave


Plain weave




Medium quality coarse yarn


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