Corruption 2029 walkthrough and guide

A detailed walkthrough of the tactical shooter Corruption 2029 from the creators of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Corrption 2029 is an Xcom -style turn-based tactical shooter in which you control a group of three fighters. The player cannot change characters, reduce or expand the squad, but he can customize the weapons and implants of the fighters. Check out our guide’s tips and tricks to guide you through all the story missions.

Official trailer


  • If your fighter takes fatal damage, you can still save him: run up and apply the first aid kit for the specified number of turns (3, including the turn of taking fatal damage). Also, if you manage to finish the battle in the allotted number of moves, then the first-aid kit will not be useful to you (the hero will rise himself). Do not have time to cure – you will have to load the last save!
  • Do not forget that the main firearm requires constant reloading. Literally after every shot. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to finish off the enemy with a pistol, always use it. The only exception is a regular assault rifle with four rounds between reloads.
  • The “Patrol” skill works only with a loaded weapon. And not everyone. For example, machine gun, flamethrower, and sniper rifle are not suitable. This is often just a pistol. It also needs to be reloaded periodically, but there are 4 rounds in the clip at once.
  • You can kill a lone opponent without raising the alarm if you finish him off during the attack. In this case, you need to attack from an ambush. In addition, his companions should be at a distance from you.
  • Some enemies explode, so stay away from them.
  • The shotgun is a unique weapon. Along with the limited range of destruction, it can be used to hit several opponents at once. Use this!
  • Each weapon makes a different noise! Therefore, you can always save and experiment to find out how your opponents will behave. For example, if the enemy hears a shot from a sniper rifle, then he may completely ignore the shooting from a pistol.
  • When exploring the landing sites, you see four icons. If the icon is lit, then at this location you can find the specified item (for example, a first aid kit). The number of white lines under the icon indicates the number of certain items.
  • You can carry up to three first-aid kits, custom grenades, distance charges and turrets at the same time. Do not be afraid to leave extra ammunition at the location. You can always return to it to pick up items.
  • Destroy regeneration drones. In case of alarm, they will revive all previously killed opponents!
  • Don’t worry if your fighters fall into the enemy’s red line of sight. The fact is that the enemy can raise the alarm only if your current character, whom you control, is in the red zone!
  • You can take any two weapons. The pistol is not assigned to the second slot!
  • If you want to throw a grenade from above or shoot from a tower from a machine gun, then when choosing this weapon, use the mouse wheel to switch between levels in height.

First fighter

Implant and Weapon Tips

Here are the basic implants for weapons that will come in handy during the game:

  • Place an implant to increase the likelihood of critical hits when shooting from a height to the sniper.
  • Install the implant to increase the probability of critical hits during a stealth attack (Predator) on a silent rifle.
  • For a silent pistol is an excellent option – the “Mozambique Troika” implant.

Crash site

After the introductory video, move to the story marker (orange triangle) to find the first fighter. Interact with him. He will join your squad. When you are out of tactical combat, you move around the map in real time. You can do this with the whole squad or divide it into individual fighters. To do this, use the F key . The latter is very handy if you want to place your fighters in different positions before starting a battle. To switch between divided fighters, click on their icons in the upper left corner of the LMB screen or press TAB .

Move to the second marker. As you get closer, you will notice a red area around opponents. If you step into it, an alarm will be raised. Use stealth mode to narrow your detection area. To do this, click on LMB . The same key allows you to exit stealth mode. Get as close as possible to the opponents, take cover and press the “Space” to set up an ambush.

All available commands are located at the bottom of the screen: perks will also appear there

Each fighter has 2 action points. Some actions lead to an instant end of the move (shot), others allow it to continue (for example, movement within the first radius). Use the number keys to switch between actions. Now you have access to walking, shooting, patrol (your fighter will shoot at any moving target in the detection zone) and turn completion. Also, when you choose a shot, you will be shown if the fighter can kill the enemy. If the entire health scale of the enemy is flashing, then in case of a successful hit, he is a corpse. In addition, there is a percentage value under the enemy’s health bar: it shows what the probability of a successful hit on the target is.

You will be told about hiding places. Small ones protect you by 25%, high ones – by 75%. This means that if you can hit the enemy with 100% probability, but he will take high cover, then the chance of hitting will decrease by 75% (up to 25%). But remember that not every shelter guarantees complete protection. Most can be neutralized by flanking the enemy.

Having defeated all, approach the third fighter. The next target is an enemy ship. The rescued soldier has a silent weapon (as evidenced by the inscription “With a silencer” on the weapon). Using stealth mode and killing opponents with silent weapons, you can simplify the future battle. But remember that if the enemy survives after firing a silent weapon, an alarm will be raised . Move to a new location.

Pick up the first aid kit on the table in front. You can use first aid kits during or outside combat. Open the equipment screen ( I key ) and switch between characters. If one of them has damage, then at the bottom of the screen the command “E Use first aid kit” will light up . In the building on the left, a note from a civilian is hidden (collectible) .

A little further you will need to fight the enemies. Approach the armored vehicle on the left and activate the radio to attract the target’s attention. Move away so that the enemy does not notice you. Split up and use a silent weapon to eliminate the target by setting up an ambush. Go around the ship in a circle and eliminate two more targets. There will be one common enemy and one liquidator. Hide with two soldiers in shelters near the liquidator. To do this, press yourself against the wall and click on RMB . Kill an ordinary enemy with the third soldier, but in such a way as to stay in cover far from the liquidator. Then – a matter of technology. Enter the ship.

Reward : Augmented Leap Implant.

Weakest enemies

Act 1. Savior

You will receive different rewards after each mission. For example, you will receive implants that give supernatural abilities or allow you to modify custom grenades.


Go to the Dubki Motel, where you need to destroy the source of radio interference. There is a clipping from newspaper # 1 in the building on the left . Move clockwise along the perimeter of the location. Walk past the liquidator. This will take you to the exit with the tank. A little further, there are two enemies standing near the NSA laptop . Finish them off when they can’t see each other, and then hack into the laptop for a secret order “Red”. Another note from a civilian lies right in front of the motel entrance. Skarin’s liquidator walks around the pit and diner in the far corner of the motel. You need it for an additional assignment.

There will be another NSA laptop inside the motel.

Important. An additional task must be completed before the completion of the main one. But killing the liquidator Skarin without raising the alarm will not work. However, you will only have to fight with the soldiers of the Beta squad: two are standing not far from the diner and another liquidator is on the side of the pit. In and around the building are the soldiers of the Alpha squad.

Go inside the building, silently kill the first enemy. Exit the building to the left of the room with the main module. Go around him with a fighter with a silent weapon and finish off two more opponents. Then, by the same fighter, turn on the radio in the armored vehicle, run back. While the liquidator has left the room with the main module, run up to him and interact with another soldier. The task will end.

Additional purpose

Reward : Kinetic Barrier implant.


You need to clear the entire area from opponents. An additional goal is to kill three opponents without raising the alarm. Go to the Yellow checkpoint. To complete an additional task, move around the perimeter of the location counterclockwise. On one of the buildings there will be a lone enemy, and two more ordinary soldiers are standing next to him. There is an armored vehicle with a radio nearby. Turn it on to lure the first defender. Kill with the silent weapon, then deal with the second one from the bottom. Save, climb up the stairs to the third and quickly press “Space” to activate the ambush. If you do not have time, an alarm will be triggered. There is another option: kill two normal defenders standing in front of the entrance to the checkpoint by throwing a grenade. No one will find you.

If there is a remote charge, plant it on the roof with a technician sergeant. Hide behind an armored vehicle nearby and blow it up. After killing the sergeant (and for a medal you need to eliminate him last), wait behind the armored vehicle, when the enemies themselves will approach you. Activate button “5” (Watch). It’s pretty simple.

Reward : SG-33 “Zebra” (shotgun), “Motion Enhancer” implant (additional target).

Sheriff star

This task has two goals at once. On the one hand, you need to eliminate all opponents in the area, on the other hand, to neutralize the charges in another location. We recommend starting with a bridge with two charges. Go forward. Divide. One soldier walk along the right side of the bridge, behind the bus. Stop and wait. With another soldier, go around the location in a circle and find an armored vehicle a little further than the first charge. Interact with her to distract the liquidator. Having done this, move a little away from the car. Then switch to the fighter next to the bus, sneak up to the charge and neutralize it.

Select another fighter located far from the enemies and press F to regroup (the other two fighters will automatically be next to you). Go ahead and find another charge. Kill a normal defender. Fortunately, the liquidator will not notice this. And then get to the second charge.

Press the M key to instantly move to a new place where you need to kill Skerki and all his assistants. The task will end as soon as the location is cleared. There are a few secrets here. A local note can be found on the left side of the location. There is an NSA laptop in the Skerki building , and a clipping from newspaper # 2 in a small diner next to three enemies on the right . Skerki should be killed first, as he is capable of summoning reinforcements.

Reward : active Nitroudar implant.


Your task is to find and evacuate the radio engineer. An additional goal is to simultaneously obtain intelligence. The mission takes place at the Yellow checkpoint. First, we recommend moving along the left edge of the map. This will get you to the building with a regular fighter and a liquidator. Distract and incapacitate the normal defender. There is a second liquidator on the roof of the building nearby. Pick up the moment when he goes to the far end of the roof, and kill the liquidator next to the intelligence. The main thing is to finish off the enemy in one move, and the alarm will not be raised (the distant enemy will not hear the shots).

Then move to the other side of the map to see the radio engineer surrounded by two defenders. But there is a building nearby with a second defender on the roof. Finish him first. Then distract one with the TV and eliminate two defenders until they can see each other. Interact with the engineer. Take the character to the intelligence to pick it up, and then go to the location with the bridge.

Before requesting an evacuation, you will have to kill all enemies. first, go forward on the left side and eliminate the defender on the roof of the building. Then one of the fighters distract the liquidator using an armored vehicle nearby. The second liquidator must go in the opposite direction. Use this moment to kill another defender. then wait for the two liquidators to be close. Throw a grenade at them, finish off with a firearm and finish off the distant liquidator (in fact, the one closest to the start of the location).

It remains to deal with the Beta group. There will be one elite security official in their ranks. But first, go along the perimeter and kill all visible defenders (who fall from one shot from a silent weapon). First, we recommend that you kill the elite enemy, after which, if you have dealt with all the defenders, it remains to eliminate two liquidators. When everyone is dead, request an evacuation.

Reward : active “Armor-piercing” implant, inactive “Height advantage” implant (additional target).


You need to clear the entire territory at the Dubki motel, and as an additional goal, they offer to kill four enemies so that the alarm is not raised. First, walk around the location and destroy all the defenders. Moreover, they are just enough to complete an additional task. Then we recommend that you deal with the Beta group. Climb onto the building, inside which the elite liquidator enters. Go to the corner of the roof and finish off two opponents nearby from it. Then run to the edge of the roof and shoot the elite liquidator and one ordinary one. If there is a cryofreeze, then use it to prevent the elite liquidator from dropping small drones.

The second detachment remains. Go to the building where the liquidator is. You should have already killed the defenders. Lure out the liquidator using an armored vehicle nearby. Kill while the flying drone is far from the building. Then save and pick up the moment when the flying drone is near the building, and the liquidator patrolling the area is next to the other two. In this case, you can destroy the drone, and the explosion from it will not raise the alarm. In general, such regeneration drones are capable of bringing fallen allies back to life, so they should be destroyed as soon as possible! It remains to kill three more liquidators. Pick up the moment when the two are close to each other and attack with a fighter with a shotgun. Next, use the cover and finish the remaining objectives.

Reward : sniper rifle RAK 52 “Sniper”, inactive implant “Armor Enhancer” (additional target).


The final mission of the current act. Your main task is to kill all enemies on the territory of Fort Stafford. As an additional goal, it is proposed to eliminate the curator Anderson last. That is, if you kill him earlier, then the mission will not be completed.

As always, start by eliminating the defenders. Outside there is one, several more on the territory of the base (two on the roof with a sniper and one chatting with the liquidator, and he can be attracted by a radio from an armored vehicle). The base contains a first aid kit and two customizable grenades. There is an NSA laptop in the building on the left… Climb to the roof of the distant building where the sniper is walking. Get close to the edge where you can shoot the regeneration drone. He is your main target. In addition, since you are in a distant building, the Beta group, which includes Anderson, will not be aware of your presence. That is, you will fight exclusively with the Alpha group. After destroying the drone, use a sniper (and you already have a rifle) to kill the enemy sniper. Put the rest of the soldiers in the “Watch” mode so that they can shoot at enemy targets moving in front of you.

After defeating the Alpha group, go to the Beta group. Outside, there is an elite defender, a liquidator and Anderson. Kill the elite defender, eliminate the liquidator and wait for Anderson to come to you himself. And before that, shoot the underground drones thrown by them.

End of the first act

Reward : Inactive Implant “Fortifier”, Upgrade “Amy” (for a custom grenade), upgrade “Shrapnel” (another customization for a grenade that damages armor).

Act 2. Darkwood


You need to get rid of all opponents at the location “Warehouse NSA 09”. If you want to complete an additional mission, then the regenerator will have to be eliminated last.

Please note that now another silent weapon is available to you – a pistol. One of the buildings on the left has a first aid kit. A little further you will see the first two opponents, and next to them – an automatic turret. There is a configurable grenade inside the adjacent building and a sniper on the roof.

The first thing I propose to do is kill two defenders. You cannot do anything with the first one, because he will not leave the liquidator. But the other two will go away in the far left corner of the location and just at the other end. By the way, the regenerator drone will fly there, but according to a side mission, it must be destroyed by the very last one. Having done this, go to the right side of the map. The building has a TV (or some other household appliance). Lure an elite defender here and kill using two silent weapons. Save first. The alarm should not be raised.

Now you need to kill one more elite defender and two enemies at the turret. Stand as a frozen character next to the defender. The other two are between him and a couple of enemies. Throw a grenade with one of them. The defender will die. Finish the liquidator with the second soldier. And the third, with a freeze, shoot at the defender so that he froze for two moves. Then it remains to finish off the defender in one move with three fighters. You can stand close to the truck and trailer to hit the enemy (the main thing is not behind the boxes). Thus, you will kill some of the opponents without raising an alarm.

I recommend destroying the second group from opponents located below. Go to the Liquidator and Elite Curator. Wait for the second liquidator to come. Throw two grenades so that both destroy two liquidators. Shoot the elite defender with the second soldier. Next turn, break through the shield of the Elite Defender and kill him. Even if the regenerator revives the targets, it will not be difficult for you to get rid of them (fortunately, the rebels will have half the HP). Kill the sniper, make sure there are no ones alive, and only then destroy the regenerator.

Reward : active “Mighty Tyrant” implant, inactive “Weapon Accuracy I” implant (additional target).


You need to get access to the computer with samples, and also eliminate all enemies on the territory. Both tasks are basic.

Start at Fort Stafford, where the sample computer is located. You don’t need to kill all the enemies here. Literally nearby there is a note from a civilian “Jimmy is sick” . Go left and kill two defenders using two silent weapons. There are two opponents at the main entrance. Go to the left of the entrance and find an armored vehicle. Interact with her to distract the attention of the nearest enemy. Having done this, go to the territory of the base. Avoid collisions with anyone. Go through the building on the left to the back building. Kill the defender, go upstairs, where the elite sniper is (he was there during the “Savior” mission and inside the building you will find a computer with samples. After taking them, press M to move to the “Yellow” checkpoint. You need to clear it.

Go to the territory of the base through the hole in the fence on the left. You can distract an elite enemy with an armored vehicle to pick up two grenades. Go a little further and you will see that an ordinary defender is constantly walking through the nearest building. Take the time and finish it off. There is an elite defender on the roof of another building. Kill him with two types of silent weapons (pre-save in case you miss). In the same building, but the code from the turret is hidden inside. On the right side of the location there is a clipping from newspaper # 4 and a laptop of NSA… There is also a radio for attracting an elite defender. use it and kill the enemy using two silent weapons. Finally, another elite defender walks around the territory and happens to be near the building where the usual defender was (and on the roof of which there are two opponents at once).

Now I recommend doing this: load the turret near the entrance gate. Go to the elite enemy in the center of the base. Wait for another elite enemy to approach the two liquidators opposite the turret. Now attack the enemy in the center of the base. It is advisable to freeze it! Activate the turret with one of the soldiers (an icon will appear below, and it does not consume action points). The turret will destroy both liquidators and the elite enemy. You just have to finish off the elite enemy in the center, the curator and the elite liquidator.

Reward : inactive implant “Increased firing range II”.


The main task is to find and evacuate Agent Lebed. The secondary goal is to get intelligence with the Swan (just as you did with the radio engineer in one of the previous tasks).

Move to the Dubki Motel, where the Swan is located. Move forward and easily destroy the first defendant hit (shines with a red aura). To do this, use two silent weapons. Do the same with the elite defender in the far building on the right, but when there is no regenerator nearby. Next to the building, on the table is a note from a civilian “And it’s not bad here . ” Pick up the moment when the regenerator will be alone on a long journey, and destroy it. You can even use noisy weapons.

Now let’s deal with the Swan. He is surrounded by four enemies. One of them can be lured out with an armored vehicle. Do this and eliminate the elite defender using two types of silent weapons. Then notice that one of the enemies periodically moves away. Leave two fighters with silent weapons next to the liquidator and the Swan. Third, enter the building (you must enter from the side) and activate the TV at the moment when one of the opponents starts to leave. The third enemy will also go to the TV. Step back and save. Then try to kill the Liquidator with two shots from your silent weapon. If you are lucky and the crits work, then the liquidator will fall. If not, just reboot and try again. After killing the liquidator, interact with the Swan. Also, do not forget to pick up the code for the turret on the crate.

Move to the very end of the location, killing a lonely ordinary defender along the way. at the opposite end of the bridge there will be a couple of opponents, a normal defender and a liquidator. Save yourself, kill the liquidator with two types of silent weapons, and finish off the defender with shots from ordinary pistols (two fighters, because the Swan also counts). The elite enemy will not hear pistol shots. Save and kill the elite enemy with the weapon of four soldiers (no one will hear you).

In this part of the map, the curator and the elite defender remain. Climb to the farthest tower and use a sniper to kill the defender and the curator (to get into the latter, you will need to stand in the far corner). Nobody can hear you. As for the last group, you need to hide behind an armored vehicle opposite the tower, under which the intelligence lies. Start killing everyone with a sniper, and put the rest in the “Watch” mode. In principle, nothing complicated. Then take the intelligence, bringing the Swan to them.

Go to the end of the bridge and follow the familiar location. Kill the first defender on the building to the right of the entrance. You can act by analogy with the last time, but do not admit my mistake: you do not really need to clear this location! The evacuation point is behind it! You will be taken to the Big Peak Sheriff’s office. I don’t even know what the developers were guided by: you simply cannot act secretly here, since there are enemies in all the aisles. I propose to proceed like this: place the charge on the left, next to two elite opponents. When doing so, make sure that its radius captures both enemies. If anything, you can always pick up the charge and rearrange it to the right place.

Then, in a crowd, stand by the security officer on the right. Wait for a protective drone to fly up to him. Throw two grenades, destroying the drone, finish off the security officer and attack the curator. Then proceed according to the situation. When you kill everyone, go around the building in a circle counterclockwise. So you will find a note from a local resident “Putnik” . You will also have to kill the second enemy group. First, eliminate the two elite defenders, acting stealthily (two silent weapons), and then go to the armored vehicle, where the third elite enemy is standing. Kill him, hide behind an armored vehicle and wait for the two remaining liquidators to come to you. After killing everyone, take the various resources scattered around the map, and then go to the evacuation point (in the center). Press E.

Reward : Minigun “Max-15” BOYO, inactive implant “Predator” (additional target).


You have two main tasks. First, you will have to find the Darkwood documents, and then – to clear the entire location from enemies (on the Broken Wheel bridge).

I recommend installing the Predator to a soldier with a silent rifle. You will almost always be critical when shooting from an ambush until you are found. This means that two types of silent weapons (a rifle and a pistol) will be enough to secretly kill one liquidator! Also equip a machine gun to a fighter who had a shotgun. Let him have a machine gun and a silent pistol.

First, follow to the Big Peak Sheriff’s office. There is a first aid kit on the table to the left. Go ahead and find the first enemy – an elite defender at the armored vehicle. Kill him with two types of silent weapons. Step back to the road. Let the defense drone come. You can use any weapon, as no one else can hear you! Go right along the same road. Behind the building, two liquidators are chatting, but there is a lone elite defender nearby (use silent weapons). Go between the houses and, while the two liquidators are talking, finish off the third elite defender. When the liquidators disperse, kill everyone, acting covertly (it is important that the “Predator” is mounted on a soldier with a silent rifle, which will allow you to kill the liquidator in two shots from a silent weapon). Finally, shoot the elite enforcer using any weapon.

On the other side of the road, in a ruined building, is a clipping from newspaper # 6 . The building on the left has a regular defender and liquidator. Walk around this building and find a distraction device in the next room. Activate it and kill two enemies separately. Two pairs of opponents remain. When the curator leaves, get closer to the enforcer and place the remote charge. Step back and go to the two elite liquidators. When the curator approaches the enforcer, start an ambush and detonate the charge, killing both at once. Throw a grenade at two elite liquidators and finish them off with a machine gun (if equipped). Interact with your computer.

Move to the bridge. You have already cleared this location, but now you also have several new advantages (the Predator implant and the machine gun). Remember that after using the machine gun, the next shooting will become available immediately, as soon as you commit the required number of kills. Recharging is only half the battle. After clearing the location, you will complete the mission. Remember it is best to start at the opposite end of the bridge.

Reward : active implant “Mozambican Troika” (shoot three times with a pistol at one target).


The main task is to evacuate the programmer from the warehouse of NSA 09. As an additional goal, you are asked to extract intelligence using the skills of the programmer.

Install the active implant “Mozambican Three” on a character with a silent pistol!

Go to the warehouse of NSA 09. Kill everyone you can (and these are two elite defenders on the right, one of which can be distracted by the TV), and then finish off all the enemies guarding the programmer. It is advisable to use a remote charge to detonate a defense drone and an elite defender at the same time, and then shoot at the curator. It remains to kill two elite defenders. Pick up the programmer and follow to the Dubki motel.

Follow the road back to the Horseshoe Bar. From this location you can get to the motel. To do this, move around the perimeter of the bar clockwise (to the left). Deal with the enemies where Lebedev was previously held captive. Act openly, as the opponents on the other side won’t hear you. Go to the other side, to the beginning of the road. Kill the elite defender and destroy the regenerator when it arrives here (it will be far from the rest, so you can safely shoot with pistols). Secretly kill everyone you can, then go to Fort Stafford for evacuation. Do not mix up and do not accidentally clean up unnecessary territory! Please note that you will need to go through several locations.

Kill an elite enforcer nearby with a Mozambican troika using a silenced pistol (+ silent rifle). Go around the curator and kill the elite defender, and a little further – the regenerator (no one will hear). Outside the base, go right to the fence and kill the elite liquidator using the Mozambican troika (three shots from a silent pistol) and a silent rifle. Kill common enemies. remember that the Mozambican troika reloads when you kill three enemies. In this way, clean out most of the base. You will have to make some noise with two liquidators located on different roofs.

Reward : active “Deception” implant, inactive “Agility Enhancer” implant (additional target).


The final mission of the act. You need to kill all opponents on the territory of the Horseshoe bar. As an additional goal, they are asked to kill 5 enemies before raising the alarm.

For a start, about silent murders. Go ahead and see many enemies on the road. To their left is a building. Dr. Darkwood will approach him. He has the same amount of armor and HP as an elite defender. Therefore, kill him first. Then enter the building and kill two more elite defenders. Use the Mozambican Troika to finish off the liquidator located here. There is also a note of a civilian “Ignorance” , a turret code and a custom grenade.

Go to the other side of the road, kill all the loners, save before each attack. The curator can be killed by breaking his armor, and the other character can use the Mozambican troika. You can activate the turret (next to it, behind the building there is a clipping from newspaper # 5 ), and kill three distant enemies (in the near yard) using a machine gun on one of the soldiers. Note the two regeneration drones. Better to destroy their defenses with a special implant.

Reward : active implant “Activation”, inactive implant “Fortifying agent” (additional target), booster for standard grenades (increases damage), first-aid kit 2.0 (higher efficiency).

Act 3. Defeat


Your main task is to disable the distribution point at the location “Horseshoe Bar”. An additional goal is to kill Investigator Parker.

Go forward and see the first enemies. In the building to their left, there is one intruder and the same investigator Parker. On the other side of this building is a free newspaper # 2 . Kill Parker by firing first with a silent rifle (with the Predator perk that increases crits), and then with a silent pistol with the Mozambican Troika skill.

Move on until you find a distribution point right at the intersection. Kill the infected defender outside the cafe and get the attention of one of the enemies at the distribution point. If there is a Mozambican troika, you can finish off the second enemy (silently) and disable the device. Otherwise, you will have to fight with all opponents. I recommend placing a remote charge on two enemies near the distribution point.

Reward: active implant “Increase weapon accuracy X” (guarantees critical damage, but not hit!), Inactive implant “Increase weapon accuracy I” (additional target).


The main goal is to evacuate Colonel Bridges, the additional one is to get intelligence with the help of the colonel (as they did before).

I recommend installing the “Weapon Accuracy X” implant for a fighter with a silent pistol and a Mozambican troika. You’re guaranteed to hit three crits in a row!

Move to the Big Peak Sheriff’s office as this is where Colonel Bridges is. Move to the right, go around all the enemies and destroy only the liquidator next to the commander (silent rifle with a predator + Mozambican troika with a silent pistol). Take the colonel to your squad. Go to Checkpoint Yellow. There will be an evacuation point, but if you are interested in an additional mission, then go from here to the Broken Wheel Bridge.

At the beginning of the bridge, on the left, there is a note from a civilian . Fighting the affected is difficult. I recommend going to the very end, to the intelligence. Distract the attention of one of the enemies and place a remote charge. Activate it when the enemy returns. You will kill both the curator and the liquidator at once. At the same time, attack the enemy to the left of the tower. When the regenerator arrives, destroy its armor with a special skill, and then finish it off with any weapon. Do not regret anything, because if he revives someone, you will have a hard time. The rest of the enemies can be finished off with a sniper (use the “Watch” for others).

Return to checkpoint “Yellow” and clear the location to request an evacuation. Refuel the turret and kill the affected defender behind the tower on the right. Go up to the sniper and finish him off with a silent weapon (while the enemy is from below, near the turret, it is advisable to distract him with a device inside the building, under the sniper).

When the drone leaves, use the turret to kill the enemies near it. The alarm will not be raised! Wait for the regenerator to fly up to the turret, and destroy it with any weapon (you will need a skill that destroys armor).

Council . Beware of affected intruders. These opponents don’t have firearms and are trying to throw grenades at you! And they can throw grenades even on a hill !!!

Kill two enemies with machine guns, and kill the intruder on the tower with a sniper, without getting close to prevent a grenade from hitting. He won’t even try to get down to you.

Reward : Boyo Flamethrower “Fuser”, inactive implant “Fortifying agent” (additional target).

Although the flamethrower does minimal damage, it sets the area on fire, which means that the enemy standing there will constantly receive damage. In addition, the flamethrower is a silent weapon. That is, you can use it to finish off the enemy in the event that you literally just a little missed when attacking with two types of silent weapons (rifle and pistol).


The main task is to evacuate another fugitive, General Scott. As in the previous mission, the additional goal is to obtain intelligence using the NPC.

Travel to Fort Stafford to find General Scott. Kill the defender in front of the gate using only silent weapons. Head into the area and kill the liquidator on the right using the Mozambican shot. Climb up the nearest stairs and take General Scott. After going down, you can save and kill the defender on the left. Do the same with the defender between the buildings when the enemy on the roof moves back a little. This will allow you to practically zero the Mozambican shot counter. You can also kill the lone liquidator outside the base. This will completely reset the cooldown.

Return to the beginning of the location and go to the sheriff’s office where the intelligence is. If you have a Mozambican shot, go to the building, kill the liquidator and take the intelligence. Otherwise, find lone defenders and finish them off to waste the ability’s cooldown. From the sheriff’s office, go straight to the Dubki Motel. To request an evacuation, you need to clear the area.

Kill the lone enemy to the left when the second defender moves away from him. Go a little further and on the couch next to the enemy you will find a clipping from newspaper # 10 . I recommend placing a remote charge under the bus with a curator so that you can also grab the liquidator. In the future, hide behind the bus and kill enemies. “Freeze” store under the intruder, who will soon approach you. Previously, you can study another part of the location in order to kill several additional targets (defenders and, if there is a Mozambican shot, liquidators).

Reward : inactive “Throw Amplifier” implant, inactive “Weapon Accuracy Improvement II” implant (additional target).


There are two main tasks – to get access to the distribution point and kill all the enemies at the Horseshoe bar.

Go to checkpoint “Yellow”, where you need to find a distribution point. Once you have a turret access code, everything will be very simple. Otherwise, you will have to fight. But let’s consider the first option. Go to the distribution point. A sniper is standing on the roof of the building to her left. Go around the building and kill the defender with a silent weapon. Then go up to the sniper with two fighters with silent weapons, and the third, activate the device inside the building. When the enemy at the turret enters the building, kill the sniper with two types of silent weapons (first shoot with a silent rifle with a predator, then with a silent pistol with a Mozambican troika). When the drone leaves, fire the turret to kill two enemies. Interact with the distribution point.

Move to the Horseshoe Bar. This territory must be completely cleaned of enemies. Kill the defender near the curator, near the office. Finish off the liquidator in the courtyard of the building on the right and kill the defender who came here. Place the remote charge near the handler and the liquidator. Attack from the machine gun two enemies at once (including the intruder) inside the building. You just need to wait for one to come to the other. Then activate the explosives, and after that finish off one of the two opponents (you can both by throwing a grenade). Then wait for the enemies to approach you (you can leave the building and stand with your back to the entrance). Shoot both with a machine gun. Not far from the curator, at the entrance to the courtyard with the liquidator and the house with a sniper on the roof, you can find a note from a local resident .

Reward : Active Mind Control Implant. Allows you to control an enemy unit for two turns!


Another assignment with two goals. You will need to clear two territories at once from all opponents. We are talking about Fort Stafford and the Broken Wheel Bridge.

Head towards Fort Stafford first. Kill the liquidator on the left with the silent weapon and Mozambican shot. Then just kill the defender at the gate with two types of silent weapons. Do the same with the defender in front, at the base, but when the enemy from above will go a little further, deep into the roof, and will not look at the entrance to the base. Go right and kill another defender. On a reset cooldown, finish off any Elite Warrior using a Mozambican Shot. Distract the intruder from above and two soldiers with silent weapons deal with the last defender. Then, if you save the Mozambican shot, you can kill the intruder.

Follow the Broken Will Bridge. Here you have already fought the defeated. Kill regular opponents, periodically when the Mozambican Troika is charged, destroying more status enemies. Then I recommend placing a remote charge near the curator, then run away to the other end and attack the regenerator that has flown in. Blow up the curator, destroy the regenerator armor and finish off the drone. Don’t forget about the machine gun.

Reward : inactive implant “Attack of Patriotism”.


The main objective is to kill all enemies at the warehouse of NSA 09. The additional objective is to kill five opponents before the alarm is raised.

First, go to the building on the right, where there is a liquidator and a curator. Kill the Liquidator using 2 Silent Weapons and the Mozambican Three. Then go to the building on the left where there are two liquidators. No one will hear you, so here you can use the machine gun first, and then finish off the enemies with any weapon of the two remaining fighters. The alarm will not be counted if you manage immediately in the turn when you attack. Then go to the far left courtyard. On the roof there is an ordinary defender, and next to it is an intruder. Remember that intruders explode. Therefore, kill the defender. You will restore the cooldown of the Mozambican troika.

When you’re ready, place a remote charge at the intruder on the truck and detonate the moment an EOS walks by. It is advisable to be on the second floor of the building and detonate the charge at the moment when the regenerator is above you. Immediately after the explosion, destroy the regenerator’s armor and shoot the drone, preventing it from reviving anyone.

Reward : inactive “Armor Enhancer” implant, inactive “Motion Enhancer” implant (additional target).


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