Coronavirus: decrease anxiety by being at home all day

For a few days, we have all been in the house and although we have not even been half the initial time of fifteen days, some people have already written to me for anxiety pictures .

The tools that I propose are the following:

1.- The first would be to have a positive attitude. Although in principle this can be difficult to achieve, we should ask ourselves that we are nervous because our approach to the problem is wrong, since we are at home, with all our comforts, with our loved ones and, above all, that we are to protect ourselves from an invisible enemy that we cannot fight against if each person does what they want at any moment.

2.- It is important to organize a schedule , since this way we could see how the day is happening and things at home are being done. It is important to recognize our contribution to the well-being of our family and to know that each component of the family must do things to improve the family environment.

3.- It is essential to shower and get ready even if you do not leave the house. This will help us feel better about ourselves.

4.- Gymnastics every day. We can always jump rope, do squats, push-ups, etc. or search the Internet for an exercise that motivates us more.

5.- Relaxation techniques and abdominal breaths. With these relaxation exercises, we will lower the physical anxiety we suffer and we will feel much better.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to enjoy with our loved ones a few days of longer coexistence.


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