Activities to entertain children under 3

With schools closed these days, many parents, grandparents and caregivers who wonder what do we do with children at home? To help them in the effort to entertain the youngest members of the household, Nemomarlin Nursery Schools have prepared a series of tips and ideas to do at home with children under the age of three.

—Make sensory masses for children to manipulate. Use flour, water and porridge, and if we have food coloring we can make them more fun!

—The little ones can work the fine clamp by inserting macaroni or chickpeas into plastic bottles. Also, once filled and closed they will be a fun maracas.

—We can offer the child colored socks or mismatched drawings and together they can be put together. Once done, we can also classify them by color ranges.

—Use several clothespins mixed in various colors and ask the children to classify them

—Also with colored clothespins and T-shirts, socks, scarves, or any other type of garment, ask them to hook each of the clothespins on items that have the same color.

—Offer the kids a blank sheet of paper and paints of many colors and we put the music we want, asking them to draw what makes them feel. This activity can be done on different days, with different styles of music, we can see that, depending on what they hear, they draw in one way or another, with different ranges of colors, etc.

—Put a little liquid paint, finger paint, of different colors in a freezer bag , and give them to the children so they can move the bags as they please and watch the colors mix.

—With the little ones we can create at home our own treasure basket with everyday objects of different materials, texture, or weight: a sponge, a cork, a plastic cup, a wooden spoon, a ball of wool, and leave babies to manipulate and enjoy it as they please.

—With cooked spaghetti and finger paint , we can let the kids mix the paint and the spaghetti, thus enjoying both the texture and the mix of colors.

—At home, we all have different spices: pepper, garlic powder, oregano, or curry . We can sit with them and invite them to smell the different boats and observe the reactions of the little ones to new smells

—We can make our little ones our pinches , ask them to help us as much as they can with what we are going to eat: from passing the necessary ingredients over to making them participate in the elaboration, being they who, for example, dump the corn in Salad. Not only does it amuse them, but it also makes them proud to feel useful helping us at home.

—Providing children with a «bath-spa» can make bath time more relaxed and a good time for them to return to calm. We can make them a special bath full of bubbles, with dim light, with candles always out of their reach and play relaxing music.

—Tell them a story: Luna, For four little corners of nothing, Butterfly ears, The rainbow fish, Earthquake dummy, Guess how much I love you, A strange bug, The sheep that came to dinner, The cow that laid an egg.


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