Keep these things in mind when cooking to avoid the Corona virus!

Coronavirus is a virus that causes infections from the cold to the respiratory tract. Its name is now C0vid -19. The outbreak of the outbreak in China has begun to appear in India. No doubt the disease is dangerous, but the lack of information has made it even more alarming.

Many people are spreading misconceptions about this without thinking anything. But you don’t have to panic. This infection can be avoided if taken care of. It is said that prevention is better than cure. So know what you should and should not do when cooking to avoid coronary virus.

Does the coronary virus spread through food?

So far no studies have shown that eating cornea can cause a virus infection. The virus needs a host to grow. So it cannot be spread by food. Not only that, coronaviruses are not spread by seafood, eggs and chickens. It ephaesaesaeai ( FSSAI ) has called on the site.

What to do to prevent Corona Virus?

Following the guidelines issued by WHO, FSSAI, you should keep the following points in mind:
You must wash your hands before doing these tasks.

  • Before cooking.
  • Ready to eat national food or market food.
  • Before and after consuming raw foods (such as vegetables, pulses, etc.).
  • After throwing waste into the kitchen.
  • After cleaning the kitchen area of ​​the kitchen.
  • Use separate chopping boards and knives to cut vegetarian food. Not only that, keep chopping boards and knives separate for raw food and cooking dishes.
  • Cook any kind of vegetarian food well.
  • Use clean water to wash vegetables.
  • Do not keep salads and sliced ​​vegetables in the open.
  • Cut off vegetables before eating or cooking.
  • Always keep cooked food in a clean place.
  • Clean your kitchen and kitchen space regularly.


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