Content Marketing – How to create content and be original online

It is important to try to create content that is meaningful and as described in the title also original for your community and to make strategic Content Marketing .
Below you will find some tips to understand how you can improve the quality of your content that you publish online.

What is Content Marketing

The  content marketing  is an approach to  marketing strategy that is based on creating and distributing valuable content in order to attract a target audience to your website or social networks, create a report and, ultimately, increase sales (definition of Wikipedia).

The perfect content marketing. The steps to create content for social and be original

Content that encourages authentic sharing and inspires passionate discussions in the comments.

How to do it:

  • Reply to comments on your posts to show people your presence and interest. This can guarantee the community a real idea of ​​connection in this moment of interpersonal distance.
  • Comment on other people’s content so that multiple users can interact and be encouraged to join the conversation.
  • Engage trusted friends or related accounts to help spread optimism and accurate information. They will then be able to share your content in their feed or in their stories and tag you.

Content that draws people’s attention and is relevant to the topics they are looking for.
How to do it:

  • Use hashtags in feed and stories, as in the case of the WHO #SafeHands challenge.
  • Optimize your search content with clear titles, descriptions and tags.
  • Tag relevant people and places to reach the right audience.
  1. Original and unique content

Unique and original content, made by you.
How to do it:

  • Avoid posting duplicate content from other people and in whose creation you played no significant role. Of course, sharing posts published by health authorities, such as WHO, is an exception.

Content that builds trust and encourages your community to return regularly to your page.
How to do it:

  • Publish or broadcast live regularly at a recurring time to bring people together. These could begin to wait anxiously for your content and your conversations, regardless of whether you want to analyze the latest news, share your thoughts or publish a moment of light-heartedness that helps them relax a little.
  • Share updates between important moments, and create a mix of formats, such as photos, videos, GIFs and notes, to keep people engaged and encourage positive dialogue.
  1. Always keep engagement
    High-quality content and, in the case of videos, at least 3 minutes long to encourage views of more than 1 minute.
    How to do it:
  • Create long videos for IGTV or Facebook, which may be eligible for Facebook Watch.


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