How to contact Epic Games

Are you looking for a practical guide that explains how to contact Epic Games ? Very well, you found it! Thanks to our tutorial you will have all the instructions to take advantage of the assistance of the Californian development house. Don’t worry: it is not anything particularly complex, in a few simple steps you will have succeeded in your intent. But let’s not go further: let’s go!


How to contact Epic Games

Were you playing Fortnite or another Epic Games game and, in an inexplicable way, the client of the game has closed? Damn, that’s a problem. Maybe you must have tried again and made several attempts, but in the end you were unable to restart the game. It is for this reason that you have decided and you need someone who will explain how to contact Epic Games , so as to have technical assistance.

Don’t panic: we are here! In the next lines we will show you the procedure to be followed to get in touch with the famous American software house and thus receive assistance. You can reach your goal whether you are using a computer or a smartphone or tablet, it only takes a few minutes of your free time and a little concentration. Enjoy the reading!

From computer

First connected to the official Epic Games website , then once you have entered your account (you can do this by entering your email address and password or authenticating yourself via Facebook or Google, or via PSN, Xbox Live or Nintendo, it depends on how you registered) , click on the Help button . You can see it in the top menu bar.

Once this is done, you now have two choices: if you are having a problem with one of the Epic Games products or products click on one of the boxes (you can find: Fortnite, Unreal Engine, Infinity Blade, Unreal Marketplace, Battle Breakers, Unreal Turnament or Shadow Complex), while if instead you are having a problem with an Epic Games service, click on the Epic Account Support box or on Epic Launcher (it depends if you have a problem with your account or if it concerns the company launcher instead).

Whatever choice you make, on the next page you will find a list of FAQs, that is, frequently asked questions that can be answered. But if even these should not help you, then it is appropriate to press the Contact us button (in the upper right corner): in doing so you will have a form that will allow you to send a message to Epic Games technical support.

Here you can indicate the game or service for which you require technical support. Use the Language menu to select the Italian language and the one called Platform to indicate to the support the platform you are having problems with. Then enter your name and email address in the respective text fields. Now all you have to do is describe as best you can the problem you have encountered, and then enter the verification code that is shown to you in the text field below. Press Send: you have submitted the support request!

You will receive an email with confirmation of receipt of the message, soon you should receive another with the response from the technical support. It wasn’t particularly difficult, was it?

From smartphone or tablet

If instead you want to achieve the same result but by smartphone or tablet, you have to follow a slightly different procedure. Do you want to know how to contact Epic Games from your mobile device? You can do it from both Android and iOS and to do this you must first connect to the official Epic Games website and log in by pressing the Login button with the icon ( ☰ ) at the top right.

Now press the same button again and tap on Help . At this point select the product or service for which you want assistance and proceed as we have indicated in the previous paragraph. In fact, from here on the operations are identical. Just like for the procedure via computer, I also recommend you to have a look at the FAQ first. If by chance you are unable to reach a useful result, press on Contact us to send an email to technical support. Here, too, the steps are the same that we told you about earlier.

How to contact Epic Games for a problem with Fortnite

Are you having a problem with Fortnite? If you are on a smartphone and want to solve the problem quickly by sending a support request, go to the main screen (Lobby). To do this go to the top right and press on ( ☰ ) , and in the menu that opens press on Support . The pre-installed browser will open and the Epic Games page relating to technical support dedicated to Fortnite.

You will immediately find the list of the various FAQs dedicated to the problems related to the famous title. You can of course also send a written request to technical support, always going to the Contact us section below. The same goes before. Very well, you should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to contact Epic Games . Good luck!


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