What is Consecration?How to Consecrate to God?

Consecration, making sacred, the solemn appropriation or dedication of any thing or person to the service of God. The consecration of the clergy is called ordination except in the case of bishops. The consecration of members of religious orders is named profession. In the Old Testament not only men and beasts were consecrated to the Lord but also houses, fields and the walls of Jerusalem . At the exodus from Egypt the first-born males in Israel, whether of man or beast, were sanctified to God, i.e. were consecrated or devoted to Him for sacrifice, the children, however, being redeemed.

What is Consecration?How to Consecrate to God?

In Christian anesthesiology consecration is resolvable into

  • (I) the dedication of persons or things to the service of God with appropriate ceremonies;
  • (2) the formal declaration that in consequence of being devoted to God they are now sacred;
  • (3) the imparting in the case of some persons (e.g. by ordination) of spiritual character and powers. In the context of the Eucharist the term is used.
  • (4) for the blessing of the bread and wine, which in Catholic and Orthodox theology effects a substantial change in them.

In England, the legal effect of the formal consecration of  a church by a bishop is that it can only be used n for sacred purposes. If desecrated by an act of w sacrilege, it needs to be blessed again; but it 9 cannot be sold or put to secular use without ie lawful authority, and even an Act of Parliament, is in the case of the Estab. Church. For that reason it buildings required only for temporary use are y. often not formally consecrated, but blessed in a the lesser degree known as dedication.

The Bible has examples of consecration of:

  • Offerings – tithes and offerings that were delivered to the temple were consecrated because they served the work of God; in the same way, offerings given to the church are consecrated
  • Certain days – days and important religious feasts were consecrated to God; people were not engaged in any other work these days, because their attention was all centered on the things of God
  • Works or ministries – kings, prophets, and later church leaders were consecrated when they began their functions; this showed that everything they would do would be to the glory of God and would do their best to obey Him in their work
  • People – many people and even whole families were consecrated to God in the Old Testament, thus showing their total dedication to God, the prophet Samuel was consecrated from birth and lived his entire life in the service of God.

To consecrate means to dedicate a person or something to God. All that is consecrated is dedicated to serve the Lord and His designs to honor God for the sanctification of His name and fulfillment of His work. It is no small thing, it is extremely serious and profound.

The consecration of someone or something is not something automatic, that is, that happens in the person’s life without any effort or search. This consecration is performed through some act, such as a prayer or some ritual. An example of this is when a pastor or servant of God is consecrated to the holy ministry. They are enshrined in a special service at a special time. Prayer is always used when you consecrate something or someone, because it is through it that we put before God such a desire.

How to consecrate yourself?

To consecrate yourself to God, you must acknowledge your sins, repent and decide to change, accepting Jesus as your savior.You can also consecrate your work, your ministry, your family, your home … For this, it is important to pray, putting everything under the authority of God . This shows a commitment to give glory to God with what you consecrate.

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