What is a Computer Systems Analyst?

Analyzing both technical, business , and other problems related to processing a data to implement and improve information systems and computers in an organization or a company. Analyze user needs, procedures, and problems for automation or improve existing systems and review the capabilities of computer systems with the aim of improving workflow, efficiency and effectiveness of processes.

The Purpose of Computer System Analysis

Computer analyst has the goal to do an analysis of software and hardware from a computer. From the software side, they are tasked with detecting errors in the software and making sure the programs on the computer are running properly. From the hardware side, they check the completeness and condition of devices such as cables and others. Here are the main objectives of Computer System Analysis:

  • Assist completeness ( aid to completeness)

By using standard forms to record a fact, incomplete or incomplete data will be seen.

  • Assist analysis ( aid to analysis)

Data recorded by computer system analysis will be in the form of tables or charts allowing the system to be more easily understood and analyzed.

  • Help communication ( aid to communication)

Standard forms will help the analyst team members to communicate more effectively with one another. It also can help communication between analysts, computer programmers, operators and system users .

  • Help training ( aid to training)

Training will be more effective if it is accompanied by materials needed in writing on the computer and will be safer.

  • Assist security ( aid to security)

The data that has been collected will be safer because it is managed by a trusted computer system analysis team.

Work That Must Be Understood in Computer System Analysis

What the computer system analyst does as follows:

  • Identify: i.e. identifying problems that occur in the system
  • Understand: namely understanding the work of the existing system
  • Analyze: analyzing the system
  • Report: i.e. makes a report of the analysis results so that it is understood by the  user


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