Complete Stories (Philip K. Dick)

Complete Stories 3 is the third installment of the complete stories of the American writer Philip K. Dick (1928-1982).

It collects 23 stories that Philip K. Dick wrote in little more than a year, before the publication in 1956 of his first novel, Solar Lottery . It is about authentic literary gems that exude Dick’s magic and where his obsessions are evident: death, alienation, madness, religion and repression.

Book data

  • of pages: 480 pages.
  • Binding: softcover
  • Publisher: Minotauro (Buenos Aires)
  • Language: Spanish


  • “Introduction” by John Brunner
  • 1959: Hunting ground (Fair Game).
  • 1953: the hanged man (The Hanging Stranger).
  • 1953: Some peculiarities of the eyes (The Eyes Have It).
  • 1954: the golden man (The Golden Man).
  • 1954: And the wheel turns (The Turning Wheel).
  • 1954: the last expert (The Last of the Masters).
  • 1954: The father-thing (The Father-Thing).
  • 1954: A strange paradise (Strange Eden).
  • 1953: Tony and the beetles (Tony and the Beetles).
  • 1958: Nul-O (Null-O).
  • 1956: Servir al amo (To serve the master).
  • 1954: Collectible Piece (Exhibit Piece).
  • 1954: the crawlers (The Crawlers).
  • 1953: Advertising campaign (Sales Pitch).
  • 1954: The Stratagem (Shell Game).
  • 1954: On the desolate Earth (Upon the Dull Earth).
  • 1955: Foster, you’re dead (Foster: You’re Dead).
  • 1954: The pay of the duplicator (Pay for the Printer).
  • 1955: Veteran War (War Veteran).
  • 1955: The barrier chromium (The Chromium Fence).
  • 1954: Mismatch (Misadjustment).
  • 1954: A world of talents (A World of Talent).
  • 1955: Heal my daughter, mutant! (Psi-Man Heal My Child!).


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