What Is Community Economic Development;How Economy Grows In Community

Community Economic Development(CED) deals with the economic processes of production and distribution of the fruits thereof among the agencies of production. As those processes are controlled or regulate by the community for the benefit of all. The community is concerned in guarding the people’s welfare through measures that promote good and restrain evil in the processes that provide for human wants.

We are concerned, in the study of economics, with the needs of the people of the community and their fulfilment, because the welfare of the people is the first consideration. Since all of the people are consumers, the consumer is entitled to first place in our concern. Production is for tlx purpose of consumption and not for the selfish advantage of the producer. We encourage production of necessities in order to benefit the consumer. We discourage production of luxuries at times, in order not to interfere with the production of necessities. We encourage efforts to get goods from the producer to the consumer more economically in order to supply better the needs of the consumer. We are concerned, first ami foremost, with the consumer’s essential needs, because we are all consumers and we seek the greatest good to the greatest number.

The following examples will illustrate more fully the place of the community in economic activities:trolled, might place a necessity of life in the hands of one man or group of men, who would be able thus to oppress others. In such cases the community properly acts to curb the power of the monopolist.

Community Economic Development Example

  •  The fanner may exhaust the soil or the miner may waste coal for immediate profits; but the community is interested in saving such resources and in the conservation of productivity.
  •  Railroads might charge excessive rates and thereby hinder the transportation of goods that the consumers need. The community is interested in fixing the rate at a just and reasonable amount in order to promote transportation for the benefit of all consumers.
  •  Hanks or insurance companies or corporations might be run for the benefit of the few who control them; but the community steps in and regulates their conduct for the benefit of all.
  • Such examples might be multiplied to show how the purely economic processes of producing, transporting, and selling goods are regulated by the community to protect and promote the interests of the people.

It is plain to any observer that the principal business of men consists in producing and distributing goods to provide the means of supplying their own needs. The process of getting goods to the consumer with the greatest efficiency is the problem that most vitally concerns all. The most difficult questions that confront the people are economic questions growing out of the process of providing for the needs of the people. These questions must be understood by all people in order that the laws that are passed and the action* that are taken may be for the public benefit.

In the study of economic and the community we shall follow the production and distribution of goods and learn about the agencies that carry on the world’s work. We shall see how the people act together in local community, Mate, and nation to facilitate the processes of business ami to check those practices that in any harmful way affect the interests of the people.

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