How to communicate effectively with everyone?

Communication experts have always repeated this, to make yourself understood you need to be clear, simple, linear . And so far I have discovered hot water , I know. Between saying and doing, however, there is the sea and I know something about it. My training has always led me to prefer a rather articulated type of writing and communication in general.

I have always had the conviction that in order to effectively communicate important things and complex sensations, equally profound statements were needed. True, probably, and I still support it. In the meantime, however, I understood that this does not mean reaching people. It does not mean knowing how to communicate well. To be understood by those who travel on their own wavelengths, everyone is good. The challenge is to convince others. On the one hand literature, on the other the other types of communication and writing.

The ex-prime minister has shown how simplifying efforts are rewarding. Both in terms of communicative and persuasive effectiveness, and in terms of acquired consent.

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Speak easy

Simple speeches from the syntactic point of view. Short periods. Clear words and generally accessible lexicon. Few subordinate sentences. Try to make yourself understood in all ways, even with neologism or the invented metaphor. This is a summary of Berlusconi’s communication, which if he managed to do one thing for sure was to create a following thanks to his rhetorical skills.

The colloquial connections and simplification metaphors of Silvio Nazionale have entered common language and you will already be aware of the small revolutions I am referring to while mentioning some of them: take the field (borrowed from sport to politics), row against , overturn , pressure tax ,  allow me . (In this regard, an article by Gianluca Giansante  for Treccani). Since the 1980s, we have started talking about Berlusconism in relation to the entrepreneurial attitude and communication strategy and I assure you that the meaning was entirely positive, at least at the beginning.

What has Silvio Berlusconi done if not focusing on persuasive ante-litteram copywriting ?

It is not so easy to communicate effectively

Effective communication. It is a word. It is not a practice that comes out of nowhere, it is the result of study, training, instinct, transmitted authority, perceived reputation. In the previous paragraph I have practically already listed all the repeatable elements of the Berlusconi language and useful for anyone involved in communication. There is a whole series of further statistics and recurring strategies which, however, characterized most of the speeches and speeches of the former Italian Prime Minister. Here is a list:

  • vertical communication – how many of us do it on our blog?
  • simple language that facilitates identification or, as some have claimed, “intentionally low language”
  • technique (or strategy) of the broken disk: “continually reaffirm an elementary, unargumented sentence, without taking any account of the interlocutor’s answers” (Renata Borgato) – this may not concern us closely, but the consequences from the point of view of the perception of the reader (sender) are interesting. Strength and determination are communicated to the detriment of everything else, thanks to the strategy used. And now that we are talking about neuromarketing I would not underestimate certain techniques borrowed from psychology .
  • characterizing interlayer – creation of a strong personal branding
  • fake improvisation – approach to common language
  • rhetorical technique of repetition: slogans, keywords, communication characteristics. Always repeated, over time, almost obsessively. The end? Help memorization and persuasion. 

The books and university theses on the subject are numerous and not only in Italy. The language of politics and of Berlusconi in particular, especially in the contemporary era, is a topic of interest from many points of view. The linguistic and communicative one in general fascinates me and I believe it can teach something to those who live and to those who need, just like me, a descent from the clouds. For more concrete communication .

The theoretical parenthesis

Do not forget the Shannon and Weaver Principle which summarizes well (in one of the infinite theories regarding communication) the fundamental steps of the transmission of a message. Whether it is to communicate effectively (share successfully – by being understood) or to reflect on the meaning of the passage of information , the steps below cannot be underestimated.

source → encoding → channel → decoding → destination

And what do you think, what other elements can be considered fundamental for a functional and linguistic effective communication?


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