Common mistakes when dieting

When we commit to starting a weight loss diet, the first thing to consider is whether we really need to lose weight . This answer can only be given to us by a professional after analyzing our weight and eating habits, as advised by Manuel Moñino, president of the Official College of Dietitians-Nutritionists of the Balearic Islands , and researcher at CIBEROBN of the Carlos III Institute.

However, we usually make a series of mistakes that sometimes do not produce the effects we want. One of them is the one commented by Gemma Tendero, spokesperson for the Official College of Dietitians and Nutritionists of the Valencian Community (CODiNuCoVa), noting that “diet is a lifestyle, it does not mean starvation.”

To know the proper habits to follow a weight loss diet, we must first know what we do wrong.

Main mistakes

One of the big mistakes we make when starting a diet, whether to lose weight or not, is to think that it is only a matter of a short time to lose the extra kilos and reach our ideal weight quickly.

The arrival of summer brings with it the popular bikini operation and this implies an urgent desire to get rid of the kilos gained in winter. This rush to lose weight is what creates the misconception that doing “strange eating practices”, as Moñino calls them, will help us lose weight in a short time.

Other mistakes that usually fall are those mentioned by the CODiNuCoVa spokesperson:

  • Do not put yourself in the hands of professionals.
  • Carry out the diet for a certain time and do not change eating habits.
  • Believing that you will be on a diet is “starving.”
  • Restrict calories a
  • Buy unhealthy or unhealthy food for other family members to eat.
  • Do not change the habits of the whole family.
  • Do not do physical exercise.
  • Refusing to visit other professionals, for example, a psychologist.
  • Have no motivation.
  • Obsess over losing pounds.

As a consequence of these and other failures, it may happen that, far from obtaining the desired result, we finally end up gaining weight instead of losing it . This can occur due to not combining diet with physical activity or because the amounts in the diet are greater than those stipulated.

Ylenia López , nutritionist, dietitian andnutritional coach believes that weight gain arises because “most diets are not made one hundred percent perfect in every way” and this may be because many of them are not supervised by a specialist .

Contrary to popular belief, another reason may be to do too much physical exercise , since this causes an increase in appetite and muscle mass, when the intention is to reduce excess body fat.


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