Colorful fish

Selective breeding for centuries has produced some color variations, some of them far from the “gold” color of originally domesticated fish. There are also different body shapes, fins, and eye configurations. Some extreme versions of goldfish only live in aquariums, which are much less hardy than varieties closer to the original “wild”. However, some variations are more resistant, such as the Shubunkin. Currently, there are around 300 recognized breeds in China . The vast majority of goldfish breeds today originated in China .

The beautiful marine world shows us a great variety of species from small ones like corals to enormous ones like the shark or the great blue whale. There are certain species of fish that have beautiful colors and unique designs on their bodies that reflect great beauty and are usually striking for us. Most of these fish have these colors to camouflage themselves and protect themselves from their predators, which may be dolphins or sharks.

These were the first species of goldfish in the sea that are raised in different homes, they are very easy to care for and do not take much time and less money. The only important requirement that should not be forgotten when buying one of these little fish is to also get a filter for the fish tank where it will live.

Examples of goldfish

Perhaps to many they are known, however, its wide variety of colors may have a meaning that is still being revealed. Below I will show you some photographs of strange fish, those that despite being colorful can not be purchased in fish stores or in online stores that specialize in the sale of these exotic aquatic beings, therefore, you may only arrive to appreciate them in images like the ones I am going to show you:

  1. Mandarin Fish or Mandarin Goby

The Mandarin fish or Mandarin goby (Synchiropus splendidus) is a small, brightly colored fish belonging to the dragon family, which is very popular in saltwater aquariums. The mandarin fish is native to the Pacific, inhabiting approximately from the Ryukyu Islands to southern Australia. It has an elongated body, bulging eyes and two dorsal fins. It reaches 6 cm. of length. In its coloration the green, orange and yellow stripes stand out, with blue as the background color. They mainly feed on small crustaceans and other invertebrates.

Mandarin Fish or Mandarin Goby


  1. Clown Fish

Also known as anemonefish, clownfish are beautiful fish that generally consist of a yellow / orange body with white stripes, along with a black lining along their fins or a black body with yellow / orange along the areas of the body is lower than the fins, although this depends on the species of clown fish and they have many designs and colors. The older ones reach a length of 18 centimeters (7.1 inches), while the younger ones barely reach 10 centimeters (3.9 inches).



  1. Seahorse

It belongs to the family of the signatids, its body surrounded by numerous bone rings and a prehensile tail; the possession of a medium-length snout and a small crown with five points on the head constitute the differential characteristics of the species. Its coloration, from ivory white to dark brown, frequently sets or transverse bands, white or dark; if this species is exposed to intense light it adopts a lighter shade. Dimensions: up to 25 cm. Sexual differences: Males have an incubator bag in the abdomen.



  1. Betta fish

The betta or Siam fighter (Betta splendens) is one of the most popular species among freshwater fish. It is a member of the gourami family (family Osphronemidae) of the order of the Perciformes, although it was classified among the Anabantidae. It is native to the Mekong Basin in Southeast Asia. The natural coloration of B. splendens is a dull green and brown, and the fins of wild specimens are relatively short. However, the captive castes have developed long, colorful fins.

Betta fish


  1. Emperor Angelfish (young)

This is a very famous fish and known to divers. However, most of them do not know the difference between young people and adults of this type. Young fish are more fascinating. They are dark blue, with electric blue and white rings, adults have yellow and blue stripes, with black around the eyes. It takes about four years for an emperor angelfish to acquire its adult coloration. They grow to 40 cm. (15.75 inches) in length.

Emperor Angelfish


  1. Royal Granny Fish of the Caribbean

The royal grandmother of the Caribbean , is a fish of brilliant colors, even comparing it with other standard reef fish. She usually swims with her belly always attached to the coral or rocks, and for this reason we can often see her upside down, at other times nothing upside down. Depending on the movement, they can be seen swimming in a fully inverted position.

Royal Granny Fish of the Caribbean

The goldfish are not uncommon, in fact, many usually have some of these animals in our tanks. However, there are many colorful species that may seem strange to us, since sometimes their color will depend on the conditions that the habitat pro

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