How does a color blind person see the world?

A green lawn or an intense blue sky: of the thousand ways there are to see the world, only one unites us all and is to recognize every color and every single facet. But those same colors as perceived by a person with color blindness ? Beyond the classic lines, a color blind person sees them, of course, but with a certain degree of alteration. How to try to understand it?

Color blindness does not mean that people see the world in black and white. In fact, more than 99% of all color blind people can see color. For this reason, some believe that the term ” Color Vision Deficit ” (CVD) is more appropriate.

According to some data , about 0.5% of women (1 in 200) and 8% of men (1 in 12) suffer from some form of CVD.

What not everyone knows is that there are several types of color blindness:

  • deuteranopia : people with deuteranopia are unable to perceive green light, which is why they have difficulty distinguishing green from red and some shades of gray, purple and blue;
  • protanopia : people with protanopia are unable to perceive red light, which is why they have difficulty distinguishing red from green;
  • tritanopia : people with tritanopia are unable to perceive blue light, which is why they have difficulty distinguishing the color blue from gray, dark purple from black, green from blue and orange from red.

Furthermore, only about 0.00003% of the world population suffers from total color blindness (monochrome).

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