Why do knees and joints hurt when it rains?

Many people experience joint pain when it rains or is about to rain and even some claim to be able to predict bad weather thanks to their ailments.Some might think it is suggestion, instead there seems to be a scientific reason for joint pain associated with bad weather.According to the Mexican association ‘ ‘ Una Sonrisa al Dolor ‘ , which deals with providing assistance to patients with rheumatic diseases, atmospheric humidity influences the synovial fluid present in the mobile joints.

The synovial fluid forms a sort of cushion that dampens the friction between the bones of the joints and, when the atmospheric pressure drops, this liquid expands slightly.

f the joints are healthy, generally no discomfort is felt, but if the joints are worn or damaged, the expansion of the synovial fluid can cause pain.

When atmospheric pressure drops, the symptoms in rheumatism sufferers can worsen because of the baroreceptors, receptors that react to changes in pressure, sending signals to the central nervous system.

Also, in cold weather, muscles, tendons and ligaments tighten more , making the situation worse.

Those who have joint problems can therefore experience severe pain in the knees, shoulders, elbows, hips, fingers and other joints when there is a lot of humidity, or in case of rain and low temperatures.

The solution to these discomforts could be to heat the affected area with hot water bags , heated cushions, patches that release heat and other remedies.

The joints can also be massaged with creams or ointments with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, to relieve pain.


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