Collision (figure of speech)

Collision is a vicious alliteration , an assonance , a hiatus , a paraquema or a rhyme , depending on the context.

Collision examples 

  • Veneration venerates venerated venerates. From the sonnet Pleonasmos e Aliterações, by Leonardo Melanino [ 1 ] .
  • They were peasant communities with collective crops.
  • This gentleman is extremely sensitive.
  • Mom told me to mark the sleeve of my mesh.
  • Nothing is known about your dreams.
  • In the bush you will kill the armadillo.
  • The student repeatedly lies happily.
  • The ghastly monster is about five feet tall.
  • Pope Paul VI called for peace.
  • The rat gnawed on the clothes of the king of Rome.
  • Oil worker asks for support to recover pickup truck [2 ] .
  • Bring the water to class.
  • I will be traveling in January.

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