Coin purse

Purse . Accessory specially designed to carry coins. It is mainly used by women and usually goes inside the bag, although there are models that are for men and are usually worn on the belt. Unlike wallets, which in some designs, in addition to carrying banknotes, are equipped with a space with a closure or velcro to store metallic money ; purses are not designed to carry bills.


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The oldest known bag was found with the Ice man Otzi who lived around 3300 BC. Another closest example in time, we find it in the Egyptian hieroglyphs, which show some bags tied around the waist.

Sutton Hoo is one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the United Kingdom due to its age, size, rarity and historical relevance, made in 1939 . A seventh-century funeral hall was found where objects as diverse as the lid of a purse were found, with a highly elaborate Anglo-Saxon leather and metal cover.

In Europe , in the past, goldsmith work, embroidery, the quality of the bag or purse indicated the “social status” of the person who was a carrier.


The purses are the indispensable complement to any bag. They are ideal for storing money, cards, photos, tickets. They are very comfortable but they can even be chosen according to the style of each person.


They come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and types as concepts of style and taste exist. They can be seen as a faithful object of daily use and can also serve as an accessory that highlights dresses, skirts and pants. Women’s purses are the most versatile accessory so they can be carried with what you want and where you want.


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