Code. The term has different uses and meanings. It may be a combination of symbols that, within the framework of an already established system , has a certain value.

Code types

  • Code (Communication): set of signs that must be shared by the sender and receiver of a message for it to be understood. On the other hand, it is a combination of characters that is used to create and understand secret messages.
  • Morse Code: It is one of the most famous communication systems and yet very few people know it in detail. It is a representation of the alphabet through electrical impulses of different lengths, although it can also be expressed graphically and soundly. Characters can be made up of dots, dashes, and spaces.
  • Source code: the text developed in a programming language and that must be compiled or interpreted in order to run on a computer , also called a computer.
  • Open source: Corresponds to those who have access known as the Liberated Source Code, in which the development of the application is given by a specific community of programmers or globally, authorizing its copying, analysis and modification in a completely free way, without necessarily being the author who makes these alterations to the original code.
  • Code (Law): it is a grouping of systematic legal principles that regulate, in a unitary way, a certain subject . By extension, code is the compilation of different laws that is carried out in a systematic way ( Civil Code , Penal Code )
  • Object code: On the contrary, this is the language that is perceived and interpreted by the computer (taking it through due process to the binary code of zeros and ones, that is, transmission or not of electricity), generated by a Compiler , also known as Assembler , which is responsible for interpreting and translating the Source Code.
  • Binary code: represents each character with a number from 0 to 127, in decimal scale . It is a 7-digit binary string , where 127 is expressed as 1111111.
  • Genetic code: is the group of standards that allows data that is encoded in genetic material to be translated into proteins in cells .
  • Closed code: In this case, the Source Code can only be modified by who its registered Author is, or by those people to whom he himself has expressed his authorization.

Code examples

  • The programmer will have to modify the softwarecode to make it work correctly.
  • What is the access code to enter the deposit?
  • I have to change the code of my safe


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