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So, you’re new to Code Vein, and while you can slash enemies with weapons, you don’t understand all the nuances of the game? Then this guide is for you, and will make you a real pro, even if you are not. Whether you are a veteran of the Soulsborne series or new to hardcore RPGs, there is something here for you.


The first thing to know is that Code Veins are not played “like Souls”. While Souls has a polished combat system, Code Vein is more challenging due to the addition of the Blood and Gift Codes. This allows the player to change builds on the fly. This means that a minute ago you were a warrior, and now you are casting a spell by a mage. In addition, Gifts will allow you to perform unusual tricks during combat, which you will never see in the Souls games.

Gifts – what are they?

Gifts in Code Vein are passive and active abilities that the player can use to complement their fighting style. This adds variety to the player’s capabilities, and allows for deeper and more rewarding customization. What combination of gifts to use, how powerful they are, and how best to use them are all to be pondered over. There are 3 types in Code Vein: light, dark, and skill gifts.

Light gifts are usually buffs that you can apply to yourself or your companion. They increase damage, apply status effects to your attacks, or prevent damage from being taken. The effectiveness of the light gifts is increased by pumping the Mind, so pay attention to this parameter if you want to use the light gifts.

Dark gifts are usually those that deal damage to enemies directly, like spells. For example, fire, ice or lightning. Those wishing to play as a Mage-class character will specialize in them and will pay particular attention to improving Will, as this affects the damage done by these gifts.

Gifts of Skill are generally weapon attacks that are not affected by Mind or Will pumping. They increase the damage done by the weapon you are using. The damage depends on the parameters of the weapon. Those who wish to play as a melee class will use these gifts.

Ichor. Why and how to get more?

All gifts in Code Vein have varying amounts of Ichor to use. Ichor is, in every sense, your “energy” or “mana” that you use to “apply” your gifts. You can only wear a certain amount of ichor, which is determined by your Blood Code. Blood Codes, like the Caster Blood Code, allow you to hold much more Ichor at a time. This allows you to use more gifts after each rest at the Mistletoe. You can see the amount of Ichor you have and the maximum amount you can have on the lower right side of the screen.

These numbers may change over the course of your adventure, because Parrying, Backstabbing, and Using a Wither Attack will not only bring you Ichor, but it will also increase your maximum Ichor. This means that if you plan to use boons often, then you should use these attacks more often in order to continue to pump Ichor. However, the maximum Ichor leveling is temporary and is reset after resting at the Mistletoe. You may not need to rest if you have greatly increased your maximum Ichor, as having higher level “spells” can really help in boss fights, and they consume a lot of Ichor.

You also get Ichor for attacking and blocking, and this serves as a way to continue to enjoy boons for players with different play styles. You will not raise your maximum Ichor this way, but it does damage to the target this way, and this is the most common way to get Ichor. Keep in mind that once your Ichor is full, you can no longer receive it. Don’t forget to spend it if you hit the max level to keep getting it after every attack. Gifts of the Light are a good way to spend Ichor if you don’t use gifts often.

Drain Rating and Drain Attacks

The Drain rating is a measure of how much Ichor you get from attacking, blocking, parrying, backstabbing, and draining attacks. The higher your drain rating, the more Ichor you will get from performing these actions, and since pumping Dexterity affects the drain rating, you will definitely pay attention to this parameter.
Different weapons have different drain ratings, just like different Veils of Blood. Make sure you choose the ones that match the number of gifts you plan to use for the best results. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then it is best to use the Blood Veil, which increases the damage parameters, not the drain rating, or vice versa.

Searing attacks are performed by pressing and holding B or O and releasing after a couple of seconds. This attack deals damage to your enemy and dramatically increases both your current Ichor and maximum Ichor, so it is wise to use it at least once after resting with Mistletoe and when you are sure it is safe. You can even combine this with your normal attacks by pressing RB + B or RB + O. Alternatively, you can use a special drain attack when you are focused by pressing RB + Y or RB + triangle.

Concentration – why is it good?

The player fills up his focus bar when they take damage or dodge enemy attacks in battle. It will glow blue as soon as concentration is accumulated. When you are focused, you are more difficult to overwhelm, and there are many gifts in the game that are very useful when in this state. Some extend its duration, while others increase the damage done to the enemy or decrease the damage taken.

Ideally, you will want to achieve this state by dodging, since you don’t take damage that way, but if you make a tank character you won’t take too much damage from hits and will better suit your playstyle. Using a wither attack in this state is optimal because it paralyzes the opponent almost instantly. Plus, with the right blood veil and blood code, this attack can hit the enemy quite hard.

Blood Codes – How To Use Them?

Blood Code is a replacement for classes in Code Vein. They can be changed at will, at any time, and dramatically change the pumping of your character’s parameters, which, in turn, affects the effectiveness of attacks and gifts. They also alter your agility, maximum Ichor, and have a huge impact on which weapons and blood veil you can successfully wield. Some of them are quite simple, but there are “hybrid” blood codes that allow you to mix the two traditional archetypes.

To decide which code to use, you need to figure out how you like to play, or what you would like to try. If you want to play as a warrior, then choose the Fighter, Berserker and Atlas. If you want to play as a Mage, then the Conjurer, Hunter, The Dark Knight, and Artemis are great choices. If you want to play as a thief or a rogue, then Ranger, Fighter, Mercury, Dark Knight and Assassin are excellent choices. And if you’re looking to play as a wanderer or ranger, then Ranger, Hunter, and Artemis are great options.

These are not all Blood Codes, but you will find most of them in the early stages of the game. The choice between them will come down to exactly how you play and what gifts you use. It’s like choosing a “subclass” within your look and specifying what you specialize in. When you really delve into the system, you will understand all the diversity of this system


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