What Is Code Mixing In Linguistics And Language

 Code mixing is a mixture of two or more languages ​​in communication. you people have read my article about code switching now we will focus on code mixing in this article. Activity of code-mixing in every society is still prevalent. Many societies are still very strong use of regional languages. In addition, It occurs in many societies because they cultural influences from outside, especially the western culture.  Many linguists believe mixing code is a natural thing to use in communication. English is increasingly becoming part of the lives of most people around the world.


Code-mixing is the phenomenon of mixing a second language into the first language, mixing foreign languages ​​into native language structure. Based on this simple definition, the phenomenon of code-mixing is not necessarily involve a foreign language. Regional languages ​​are also used as code-mixing with the national language.

What Is Code Mixing In Linguistics And Language

How Code Mixing works in Language And Linguistics:

 Code-mixing is caused by your relaxation and habits of users of language and generally occurs in informal situations. Furthermore it is said that code-mixing occurs under clause level. People who are bilingual will have a contact language that gave birth to mixed code. It is not required by the situation and the context of but it depends on the speech (language functions). It occurs when a speaker uses dominant language to support a speech which is implied by the other language elements. It is usually related to characteristics of the speakers, for example, social background, education, and trust.

What Is Code Mixing In Linguistics And Language

Factors of Mixed codes:

Mixed code does not appear because of the demands of the situation, but there are other factors involved in it.

Factor role

Which includes roles are social status, education, as well as the group of participants or speakers speak the language.

Factor Speakers

Speakers sometimes deliberately mix the code language because they have the intent and purpose. Speakers sometimes perform code-mixing between one language into another language because of habit and your relaxation.

According to Recent Research:

  • Mix the code generally occurs in informal situations.
  • Mix in character code on scope clauses at the level of the highest level and said the lowest level.
  • Insertions in code-mixing are no longer supports language function independently but are united by the language that has been inserted.

Emergence of mixed code is usually motivated by several things, such as educational background and geographical location or environmental factors. In addition, code-mixing occurs among children, teenagers, and parents. They often mix their language, even. Mixing is commonly used in writing or in writing. With advances in technology lot of people want to master a foreign language in order not to be considered ignorant.

Interference and integration is part of sociolinguistics that occurs due to the use of two or more languages ​​in a multilingual speech community. Interference and integration arise as a result of mixing codes, namely the use of one language in the target language or the opposite happens to a bilingual speaker. The two can not be separated because it is closely related to the code switching and code-mixing.

As one of the phenomena of language, code-mixing is not inevitable. The similarities between the code switching and code-mixing are the use of two languages ​​or more, or two variants of the language within a speech community.

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