Cloves:therapeutic properties, antioxidants and contraindications

Cloves have become very famous thanks to their therapeutic, anesthetic and antioxidant properties; for this reason the possible applications as natural remedies are among the most varied.

According to a Renaissance legend the carnation was born from a whim of Diana: the huntress goddess, who had fallen in love with a shepherd but could not join him since she was devoted to virginity, tore his eyes to prevent him from seeing the other women and threw them on land where two white carnations appeared.

It is no coincidence that in French carnation is said to be oeillet, an eyelet. In turn, a Christian legend says that Mary’s tears, crying at the sight of her crucified Son, were transformed by falling to the ground in white carnations. Another tells that the crusaders of Louis IX were decimated in 1270 by an epidemic while they were in Tunis: to many of them the king brought a liquor based on carnation that alleviated the suffering.

The carnation (Dianthus, a genus that includes 300 species) has generically symbolized Loyalty, Love and Elegance. Each of its colors alludes instead to a loving sentiment: the bright red to the impetuous Love, the variegated says: Trust me, the pink symbolizes the mutual Love, the yellow the Scorn, the white the Loyalty. In the 500 Sienese doctors decanted the their beneficial effects on the body so much to assert that the cloves could cure stomach, liver and heart.The name derives from the shape that the buds of the Eugenia caryphyllata plant take on once dried, which in fact recall the carnation.

The properties of the Chiodi di Garofano are:

  • Antioxidants : they counteract aging and the formation of free radicals, about 80 times more than an apple.
    Analgesics and disinfectants: it is used to soothe toothache and disinfect the oral cavity.
  • Antifungal : to combat fungal infections of the skin. They also help to preserve food longer and are a natural alternative to camphor and other chemical substances against moths.
  • Stimulant for blood circulation, reduces headaches, is a powerful natural antioxidant against the action of free radicals.
  • The carnation dioxide infusion is used to reduce nausea , indigestion and intestinal disorders, while the essential oil, in addition to being a valid antiseptic against viruses and mycoses, performs an effective anesthetic action, The mother tincture di Chiodi di Garofano is excellent for toothache.
  • The infusion of cloves is used both for internal use and for external use in case of intestinal parasites, fungal infections of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • For an infusion with the most effective antibacterial action, add to the cloves thyme, coriander, cumin and vanilla and use it to treat mycoses in the hands or feet using footbaths or hand baths.

Dyeing Mother of Cloves:


20 g of Cloves
100 ml of 75 ° alcohol (78.1 ml of 90 ° alcohol + 32.3 ml of water)

The ratio between the spice and the solvent is 1: 10.
Prepare the alcohol solution by combining the alcohol with the water, so that the alcohol content drops to 75 °, as explained above.
Put the nails of Garofano in an airtight container and cover them with the hydro-alcoholic solution. Turn the container over once a day to mix the solution.
Finally, sieve the solution with a sieve and store it in a glass container preferably dark or in any case away from light and heat sources.

The floral essence of Garofano:

The floral essence of Garofano frees from external parasitic energies, creating a protective shield on the aura and closing etheric holes. Gives strength in states of weakness, even after long illness, it strengthens the heart, liver and stomach.

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