Climate change: causes, consequences and responsibilities

The climate change that we have all been witnessing in recent decades has now taken on truly alarming proportions. This is an issue that is now on everyone’s lips, even teenagers, as Swedish activist Greta Thunberg reminds us, who at the age of 16 made a speech at the UN climate summit. Unfortunately, what we know about climate change today is somewhat confusing, because this issue is much more complex than it might seem.

The scientific community agrees that human action is worsening the situation and that the risk for the entire planet is becoming ever higher. However, we must be objective and remember that climate change does not depend only on pollution and the policies of the various countries. In part this phenomenon is also caused by factors that we cannot yet control and which are part of the nature of things.

Climate change: whose responsibility is it?

As we have just said, climate change does not depend in all respects on the action of man and there are several who have sided against Greta Thunberg in recent times. An all-Italian example is Professor Antonino Zichichi who in our Peninsula enjoys a reputation and credibility not just. He said that the Swedish activist’s words are completely unfounded and that human activities have an influence on climate change equivalent to 5%. 95% instead would be linked to natural phenomena linked to the Sun, which we cannot control.


Most of the scientific community, however, claims very different things and it is no coincidence that the alarm has been raised because if we do nothing in the future we risk extinction. The anthropogenic causes of climate change exist and if we cannot do anything about the influences of the sun, we have the possibility to intervene on everything else.

The anthropogenic causes of climate change

Climate change over the decades has been diverse, but in 2019 the situation is alarming and has reached levels that scare the scientific community. The major current problem is global warming and all the consequences connected to it: the greenhouse effect, melting ice and so on. At the origin of these phenomena we find a considerable increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere , caused in turn by the pollution of industries, cars and human activities in general. This is the real great cause of climate change and it is about this that we can still do something before it is too late.


The consequences of climate change

The consequences of climate change are already under our eyes and are destined to worsen if governments do not take emergency measures to stem this phenomenon. The melting of the ice in Antarctica, the rise in sea levels, the acidification of the oceans that led to the death of the Australian Great Barrier Reef. These are just some of the consequences of climate change, to which are added the progressive desertification due to rising temperatures and the loss of biodiversity that has already begun. We risk destroying our planet and something must be done to save it.

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