Clemens Maria Brentano

Clemens María Brentano. Outstanding poet and novelist of German romanticism .


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  • 1 Biographical synthesis
    • 1 Birth
    • 2 Literary career
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Biographical synthesis


He was born on 9 October as as 1788 in Aschaffenburg, Germany . Son of the couple made up of Maximiliana La Roche and the merchant Antonio Pedro Brentano.

Literary career

Although he tried to study Law in Halle, he ended up becoming a great reference in the world of letters. Along with his brother-in-law and friend Achim von Arnim (who married and had children with Bettina Brentano), Clemens published The Cornucopia of the Boy and integrated the Heidelberg Romantic Cenacle.

In 1803 the author married the writer Sophie Mereau , a woman older than him with whom he could not enjoy a happy life since, in only three years, the reality of the writer was completely transformed. At that time, Brentano not only suffered the loss of two children, but was also forced to face the death of his wife, whose death occurred coinciding with the death of the couple’s third descendant.

Although this situation affected him greatly, years later this contributor to the Zeitung für Einsiedler magazine (the medium in which he published numerous articles that magnified the Middle Ages ) would once again bet on love. However, with this new relationship he could not find happiness either and Clemens took refuge then in his friends (with whom he traveled through Landhut and Berlin ) and in his work as a writer.

After composing the poem entitled The Foundation of Prague , the also creator of Godwi expanded his literary production with texts such as History of the brave Gaspar and the beautiful Anita , Tales from the Rhine and Chronicle of a vagabond student .

In 1818 , a year after becoming closer to religion, Brentano joined the Catholic Church and entered the Dülmen monastery, where he lived for several seasons under the cloistered regime


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