How to clean (and keep healthy) milk teeth

Before snacking the teeth, parents are advised to clean their mouth and gums with a clean, damp cloth or egret twice a day, especially after meals and before sleep. Cleaning the baby’s gums does not require the use of a toothbrush or toothpaste.

This will allow to eliminate bacteria and prevent them from sticking to the baby’s gums: these microorganisms can form an adhesive layer that damages the milk teeth that are starting to come out.


Once the first teeth have emerged, simply clean them with a moistened brush, which must be soft, with a small head and a long handle. These features make it easy to get to all areas of the baby’s mouth.

Starting from two years of age you can start using some toothpaste. Teeth should be brushed at least two or three times a day for at least two minutes, after meals and especially before going to bed. After the age of six, children should already be able to brush their teeth properly, but it is always helpful to check them from time to time to make sure they do it properly.


Tips for maintaining proper hygiene

1) Avoid fruit juices, also because normally the percentage of fruit is low compared to that of sugars. It would also be better not to encourage but rather limit the consumption of carbonated drinks (such as coca cola) both for their gas content and for the huge amount of sugar dissolved inside. Instead, it is advisable to give water to drink, which remains the best option for the child (and for the same adult) when he is thirsty.

2) Another incorrect habit is to let the baby sleep with a bottle soaked in sweet substances (such as sugar or honey). Natural bacteria in the baby’s mouth can use these substances to form acids that can attack tooth enamel. In this case the so-called “bottle caries” is formed

3) Do not add sugar to the baby’s nutrition. It is neither necessary nor healthy.

4) Clean the baby’s teeth before he goes to sleep. The natural production of saliva decreases during the night, so harmful bacteria in the mouth can attack the teeth more easily.

5) Avoid giving medicines after brushing your teeth in the evening and before going to bed, because they can contain sweetening substances that would remain so free to act all night.


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