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Church of ScientologyAlso called “Church of the new understanding.” It is a practical school of philosophy based on hedonism . Its objective is to ensure the happiness of man through the understanding of himself and others as spiritual beings. The development of certain religious tendencies and the existence of its own cult have led various States to consider it a religion, among them France (judgment of the Paris Court of Appeal , February 29 , 1980 ). It was founded by Lafayette Ron Hubbard in 1954. Drawing mainly on his book: Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (1950), Hubbard created a “religious” institution to promote his unique psychological theories . Organizations associated with Scientology include: Applied Scholars, Association for the Improvement of Living and Education (ABLE), Citizens Commission on Human Rights , Concerned Businessmen of America , Hubbard Dianetics Centers , Narconon / Criminon, Center for Religious Technology , Sterling Management Systems, and the Way of Happiness Foundation. Advertising companies include: New Era Publications, Bridge Publications, Inc., and Freedom magazine.


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75 million years ago a galactic ruler named Xenu confined the “thetanos” to Earth, evil spirits that to this day infect the psyches of men, causing ills that can only be cured with a lot of money and “clarification” sessions. This, which might seem like a science fiction story, is nothing more than the postulate of the Church of Scientology, a sect that, through threats and extortion, has built an economic empire by conquering Hollywood stars , businessmen and politicians from all the world. Tom Cruise , Dustin Hoffman , Nicole Kidman , Oliver Stone , Constantin Costa Gravas , Larry King ,Mario Puzo , Aaron Spelling , Gore Vidal … they all share fame and fortune, but also a place in the Church of Scientology.

The Church of Scientology grew out of the creative genius of Lafayette Ron Hubbard . Born in 1911 , he spent most of his childhood on his grandfather’s ranch in Montana , while his parents served overseas in the United States Navy . During the 1920s , Hubbard began visiting his parents in Asia , where he was introduced to Taoism , Buddhism , and other Eastern philosophies .

Later, Hubbard developed a career as a writer of science fiction and claimed to have explored the world. He allegedly received near-fatal injuries in World War II , and developed his unique theories of science and philosophy while healing, returned from the war with permanent physical disability, and faced cruel moral suffering. He then tried to regain his peace of mind and well-being for himself. He exposed his discoveries in Dianetics . Modern science of mental health ( 1950 ) or science of the spirit, and tried to spread them through a school called scientology or science of knowledge. In1954 , Hubbard formed the Church of Scientology as a religious movement, to promote his ideas and techniques. His “church” and books spread throughout the world, while Hubbard became a secretive recluse. He died in 1986 , after spending most of his last years traveling peacefully on his yacht.


The ‘auditor’ (minister-counselor) helps the ‘auditee’ to become master of his ‘reactive mind’ (part of the mind that unconsciously perceives and classifies). The ‘electrometer’, an instrument invented by the Master, makes it possible to locate areas of spiritual suffering. Then, the auditee becomes aware that the thetan (his immortal part) must be made operational, that is, effective in relation to the 8 dynamics (from here the 8-armed cross is derived): individual survival impulse, partner and children, group, humanity, nature, matter-energy-space-time, spirit and Supreme Being.


‘Nothing is true for man if he has not observed it’ (personal integrity). “Man is fundamentally good.” “His survival depends on himself.” Scientology does not refer to any particular god but leaves each one the possibility of discovering it. ‘


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Six million followers around the world; a million of them in Europe .

Teaching of the Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology teaches that humanity is immortal and divine. Man is composed of three dimensions: the soul (“thetan”), the mind (an accumulation of all the experiences of multiple lives), and the body (the temporal and physical dimension).

God is a vague concept. Scientology defines the Supreme Being in terms such as “infinity” and “the whole of everything.”

“Engrams” are the unconscious mental images that are recorded in the “reactive mind” that have negative effects on present and future lives. They are learned from their own past lives, prenatal experiences, and childhood, and prevent human beings from realizing the divine nature and experiencing a happy and complete life. Engrams can only be removed from our minds through dianetic guidance. This orientation process is called “auditing” and involves an “E-meter” (Electropsychometer), a device invented by Hubbard that helps the patient discover and remove engrams from the unconscious mind. The goal of the audit is to travel from “bright” to “clear,”

Since people experience thetan reincarnations over the course of thousands of years, auditing usually requires clearing of engrams from past lives. The ultimate goal of the audit is to completely free the thetan from the “MEST” and gain full spiritual awareness and unity with infinity. MEST is an acronym derived from matter , energy , space , and time , which comprises the physical universe and holds the thetan captive. The “doctrine” of Scientology has been compiled by the Church of Scientology International in the book: What is Scientology? ( 1978 ). Dianetics audit sessions can cost up to $ 1,000 per hour.

Famous sheep

For this reason, the proselytizing campaign of Scientology generally targets “sheep with rattles” and with money. “If you can get the rattlesnake sheep to follow you,” said Hubbard, “they will all follow.” Thus, in 1955 he tried to convince Ernest Hemingway , Orson Welles , John Ford , Pablo Picasso and Walt Disney , and although none of them accepted, 40 years later the list of cultists would impress anyone. The number of “stars” linked to the sect in recent times, shows its power and capacity to pressure the “star-system”. Half Hollywood is convinced that the “conversion” of John Travolta he has procured new roles for the sect when it was on the brink of professional extinction.

Single objective

“Money, money, money. Make them give it to you, get it. Be that as it may, make money.” With these words – always according to La Vanguardia – Hubbard would have indicated his main objective. To do this, the top of Scientology would have created Sterling Inc., an offshoot of the sect that blackmailed drug addicted dentists until, later, it was discovered. Later, they created Narconón and Health Med, international front companies that also served to attract and extort drug addicts, under the guise of providing “redemptive treatment.”

European front

Scientology treatments, however, have not been very well received in Europe where prominent personalities have rejected them. In recent years, the Foreign Ministers of Germany and France, Klaus Kinkel and Hervé de Charette, shared their positions on the matter. The French minister joined in the “apprehension” of the Germans towards the sect, while Kinkel referred to a letter published in the International Herald Tribune and signed by a long list of stars, in which the sect presented itself as a victim of a persecution similar to that of the Jewish holocaust. “The letter is an insult to the victims of National Socialism,” Kinskel said. The cases of Germany and Francethey are only one chapter in the psychological war that Scientology waged before world public opinion. For now, his credibility seems to be able to hold … but not for long.

Comparison with Christianity

Scientology believes that man is an immortal, spiritual being with unlimited capabilities, whose experience extends beyond a single lifetime. Through Scientology he is able not only to solve his own problems, carry out his goals and obtain lasting happiness, but also reach new and higher states of consciousness and ability.

The Christian believes that only God is immortal, and he alone is the key to salvation. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible , the authoritative Word of God. Jesus was God in the flesh, and he died for our sins. He rose from the dead three days later. The only way of salvation is to accept him as our Lord and Savior.

Scientologists do not require that anyone accept anything on faith or belief. Each person reaches their own “truth” according to what is true for them, and each person’s truth is different.

John 14: 6 says:

“I’m the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. Jesus is the truth, and eternal life can only be achieved through him. ”


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