Chorote . It is a delicious drink very popular in Cuba . In several areas, it is made with highly roasted dry corn . In Baracoa, they identify chorote as very thick homemade chocolate , made with cocoa powder . It provides various vitamins to the body.


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What is Chorote?

In the eastern part of our country, it is made with highly roasted dry corn, which is ground and cooked with milk and sugar to taste. The raw material for preparing chorote is generally corn. You get some ears that are well seasoned and after shelling them, put them on low heat in a large casserole until they are toasted, all this trying to remove it from time to time so that the roasting is even. This roasted corn is finely ground in a crank razor , just like coffee is ground . This powder is called: “pinol”. Some eat it by pouring it in water and adding sugar, others add a jug of boiling milk with cinnamon stick, and a little honey of bees, and it is truly delicious.

Another vision of this drink

In regions such as Baracoa , chorote is made from the dried fruit of cocoa, coconut milk and cassava flour (cassava starch), corn ( cornstarch ) or plantain (bananina). As a result of the mixture, a delicious thick chocolate is obtained, highly valued for its excellent properties. Baracoa is verbose in cocoa and coconut fields , which is why the food prepared by its inhabitants have these two elements as something basic for its elaboration, in addition to being foods well removed from the sophisticated diets of the visitor.


  • This drink was ingested by the Mayans more than four thousand years ago.
  • Currently it is usual to substitute some of the ingredients of the traditional recipe: coconut milk is replaced by cow’s milk (fresh, powdered or in any of its variants for sale in the commercial network), or both are used at the time and banana, starch and cornstarch give way to wheat flour.

Recipe for making Chocolate Chorote


  • Cocoa ball
  • Sugar
  • Coconut milk
  • Bananine or other thickener
  • Sweet spices.


The cocoa ball is scratched and poured into boiling water with sweet spices. Pre-extracted coconut milk is added after adding hot water to the mass of a striped dry coconut , squeeze and strain the mixture. In a separate container, dissolve the thickener (banana, cornstarch or cassava starch ) with a portion of warm water and add to the container where the chorote is cooked. Add sugar and salt to taste. It is constantly stirred until the mixture thickens and all the ingredients are sewn well, which prevents lumps from forming and the chorote spilling when the milk is boiled. Tip: You can add cow’s milk to taste as a substitute or together with coconut milk.


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