Chess boxing

Chess boxing . In Spanish, Chess boxing is a hybrid sport that combines chess and boxing . It combines rapid chess and traditional boxing in a competition divided into eleven rounds: six of chess of four minutes each, and five of three-minute boxing. Throughout a competition both sports alternate until an opponent wins one of the disciplines.


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The first chess boxing club was established in London in 1978 by amateur boxer James Robinson. The following year the sport was featured in the Chinese kung fu film “The Mystery of Chess Boxing.”

Although the club in London ended up closing in the 1980s, the sport subsequently appeared in comic books. The first chessboxing competition took place in Berlin in 2003 . That same year the first world tournament was held in Amsterdam with the cooperation of the Dutch Boxing Association and sponsored by “World Chess Boxing Organization”.

The first participants in this competition were Lepe Rubingh and Jean Louis Veenstra. After his opponent exceeded the time limit of the chess match, Lepe Rubingh won the match in round 11. Since then the sport has been gaining popularity in cities such as Berlin , Los Angeles and London . In the UK it is estimated that 500 people already practice it and in London there are two chess boxing clubs.

Penalized actions


  • Fight without boxing gloves.
  • Hitting the opponent when he is defenseless.
  • Hitting the other opponent on the back of the neck or behind the head
  • Turn your back to the opponent.
  • Intentionally heading.
  • Kick the opponent.
  • Generate a fall to the other opponent.
  • Hit below the belt


  • Making moves without mishandling the chess clock
  • Shifting one or more pieces irregularly.
  • Lack of updating the movement sheet.
  • Use notes or sources of information.
  • Bring electronic means of communication during games.
  • Distract or annoy the adversary.
  • Leaving the game premises without permission from the referee.

Rules and organizations

A match between 2 opponents consists of 11 rounds in which boxing and chess alternate, starting with 4 minutes of chess play and followed by 3 minutes of boxing. Between each round there is a one minute break, during which the competitors change their clothing. The chess mode is blitz, in which the competitors have a total of 12 minutes. Competitors can win by knockout, checkmate, or a decision made by the judges when an opponent’s 12 minutes are up.

Boxing chess is controlled by the World Chess Boxing Organization (WCBO). The first world championship took place in Amsterdam, in 2003, the champion was Lepe Rubingh. The first European Chess boxing championship took place in Berlin on October 1 , 2005 , where Tihomir Titschko of Bulgaria defeated German Andreas Schneider.


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