How To Launch hidden chess game on Facebook Messenger app

Playing Chess is the most viable solution for gamers who want to use the most important organ in their body – the brain.Many studies highlight the intellectual benefits of playing chess. You can play chess online with your Facebook friends using Chat Messenger. Today we will see how to unlock and launch the Chess game on Facebook.

The only prerequisite for starting the game is a special phrase to start the chessboard. By typing a quick phrase, a Facebook user can play with another friend through the Facebook website or Facebook Messenger app .

Play Online Chess Game Live on Facebook

Start a conversation with the friend you want to play with. While chatting, enter @fbchess play and a whiteboard will appear. Your friend will go first (depending on the mobile app or Facebook on the web).

Pick a piece. There are some standard algebraic notation such as:

  1. Q for Queen
  2. B for “Bishop”
  3. R for Rook
  4. K for “king”
  5. N for “Knight”
  6. P for “Pawn”

Pawns can be moved by issuing simple commands with numbers (along with vertical axes). You need to enter the letter and number that represent the space you want to move on the board. For example, you need to type @fbchess Pc3 to move a pawn to this space. If more than one item can go there, you will be asked which one to move.

By chance, if you made a wrong move, you can undo the move with @fbchess undo or by clicking the undo button – but your opponent must accept the undo request.

If you want to view the chessboard in full size, click the chat menu settings icon and select View Full Conversation. While the Facebook Messenger Chess app isn’t as good as the paid versions of the game, it serves a purpose. Well.

Games like Farmville and Candy Crush Saga have reached their doorstep. In times like these, transitioning users to a new game is a very different experience.

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