chemical base;10 Examples You Must Know

chemical base is any substance that, when dissolved, releases hydroxyl ions (OH  ). The chemical bases are also known as alkalis, because when the hydroxyl groups dissociate and release, the pH of the solutions increases, that is, the solution becomes alkaline. This is contrary to what happens when an acid dissolves , because in that case the pH decreases and the solution is acidified.

The bases have a characteristic bitter taste . After dissolution, the resulting solutions conduct the electric current (due to the presence of ions) and are usually caustic and irritating to the skin and other human and animal tissues. The bases neutralize acids, often forming salts . Alkaline solutions tend to be perceived as slippery or soapy; This happens because they immediately produce saponification of the fats present on the surface of the skin.

The solubility of the hydroxides depends on the metal : those of the group (I) are the most soluble in water, however, the hydroxides of the elements with degree of oxidation (II) are less soluble and those of degree of oxidation (III) or (IV) They are almost insoluble. Amines and nucleic acid bases are the most widespread bases among organic ones.

Uses of the bases

Sodium hydroxide is widely used in industry: it is the so-called caustic soda . In the manufacture of soap , animal or vegetable fats are used, which are boiled with sodium hydroxide , so that sodium stearate is formed.

Sodium hydroxide is also used in the manufacture of oven cleaners, in the manufacture of paper pulp and some household cleaners . Another widely used base is calcium hydroxide, which is the slaked lime used in construction.

Examples of chemical bases

sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) Aniline
schiff base Guanina
calcium hydroxide (lime) Pyrimidine
potassium hydroxide Cytosine
barium hydroxide Adenine
magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia) zinc hydroxide
Ammonia copper hydroxide
Soap iron hydroxide
Detergent titanium hydroxide
Quinine aluminum hydroxide (antacid)


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