Cheats for ‘Resident Evil 6’ (XBox360)

List of Achievements for ‘Resident Evil 6’ – Platform: XBox360

A very long night (10):

Complete the tutorial.

To hell (15):

Complete Chapter 1 of Leon’s campaign.

Buried Secrets (15):

Complete Chapter 2 of Leon’s campaign.

Travel by plane (15):

Complete Chapter 3 of Leon’s campaign.

Fuck in China (15):

Complete Chapter 4 of Leon’s campaign.

Problems with women (15):

Complete Chapter 5 of Leon’s campaign.

Hostage Rescue (15):

Complete Chapter 1 of Chris’s campaign.

European tragedy (15):

Complete Chapter 2 of Chris’s campaign.

To her! (fifteen):

Complete Chapter 3 of Chris’s campaign.

There is always hope (15):

Complete Chapter 4 of Chris’s campaign.

Call of Duty (15):

Complete Chapter 5 of Chris’s campaign.

Money comes first (15):

Complete Chapter 1 of Jake’s campaign.

Worst impossible (15):

Complete Chapter 2 of Jake’s campaign.

Powder feet (15):

Complete Chapter 3 of Jake’s campaign.

Catch me if you can (15):

Complete Chapter 4 of Jake’s campaign.

Goodbye (15):

Complete Chapter 5 of Jake’s campaign.

I’m a spy (15):

Complete Chapter 1 of Ada’s campaign.

Offensive (15):

Complete Chapter 2 of Ada’s campaign.

Survivor Gathering (15):

Complete Chapter 3 of Ada’s campaign.

Ada‘s death (15):

Complete Chapter 4 of Ada’s campaign.

And now that? (fifteen ):

Complete Chapter 5 of Ada’s campaign.

Green (15):

Complete the entire game in Amateur mode.

Conventional (30):

Complete the entire game in Normal mode.

Tanning (30):

Complete the entire game in Veteran mode.

Legend (90):

Complete the entire game in Professional mode.

Original badges (15):

Customize your dog tags.

Holder (15):

Get 10 different types of titles.

Little better than nothing (15):

Buy a skill.

Skillful (90):

Fully upgrade all skills.

Ninja (15):

Defeat 5 enemies with a stealth attack.

Finish what you start (15):

Deal a coup de grace on 10 enemies.

Tic tac toe (15):

Counter an enemy’s attack 3 times in a row.

Phoenix (15):

Defeat an enemy when you are on the verge of death and recover without help.

Lifeguard (15):

Help or rescue a partner 10 times.

Weapons Master (30):

Use all the weapons in the game and kill 10 enemies with each one.

It’s just a little push (15):

Launch 10 enemies from a high place.

Climber (30):

Earn a level 4 title.

Helper (15):

Get concept art for your collection.

Specialist (15):

Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra’s rapid fire.

Don’t heat my head (15):

Take down an enemy 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal sight.

High voltage (15):

Defeat 10 enemies while charging with the electric baton.

Zombie Massacre (15):

Defeat 500 zombies.

J’avo Genocide (15):

Defeat 500 J’avo.

Cocoon Extermination (30):

Defeat 100 enemies that have emerged from a cocoon.

Feminist (15):

Kill the monster and save the girls.

Aviator (15):

Show that you know how to drive.

Point blank (15):

Eliminate the helicopter pilot personally.

On the sly (15):

Go through the bridge area of ​​the aircraft carrier without being detected.

Medalist (30):

Obtain 150 different medals.

Relics (30):

Collect all the Serpent Emblems.


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