Cheats and console commands The Riftbreaker

In The Riftbreaker, you take on the role of an elite scientist and soldier who traverses a portal to reach the ends of the Milky Way and embark on an epic journey. In order to build a base that will allow you to return to earth, you will have to endure the harsh environment and the threat that has found you.

Your base will not be safe if you do not defend yourself by building barricades, walls and towers as the attacks become more intense every day.Also, there is an unknown planet where you are, so you will have to explore long distances to find that it is habitable and perfect for colonization. In addition, while exploring, you can also collect rare resources and substances that will help you survive and build a much stronger base.

To help you, various cheat codes and console commands for The Riftbreaker are available in the game.

Cheats and console commands The Riftbreaker

To open the in-game console, press  ~ .

cheat_reveal_minimap [0/1]

  • Opens the minimap

cheat_enable_debug_menu [0/1]

  • Includes sandbox menu; Press F11 to open

cheat_god_mode [0/1]

  • Makes Riggs invincible


  • Sets Riggs health

cheat_remove_all_units [0/1]

  • Removes all units

cheat_remove_visible_units [0/1]

  • Removes all units currently visible on the minimap.

cheat_add_all_items [0/1]

  • Adds all items to inventory

cheat_add_item [Item blueprint with _item] [Amount]

  • Adds a certain amount of the same item to inventory.

cheat_add_resource [Resource] [Meaning]

  • Adds a certain amount of a certain resource to the player’s inventory.

cheat_no_clip [0/1]

  • Riggs can overcome obstacles

Cheat_full_bestiary [0/1]

  • Unlocks the complete bestiary

cheat_increase_family_info_lvl [0/1] 

  • Raises the family level of the bestiary

cheat_hud_visible [0/1]

  • Hides/shows the HUD

cheat_spawn_meteor [0/1]

  • Spawns a meteor

cheat_full_loadout [0/1]

  • Gives Riggs a set of heavy weapons.

cheat_enable_research [0/1]

  • Allows research

cheat_unlock_research [0/1]

  • Unlocks Research

cheat_set_player_invisibility [0/1]

  • Makes Riggs invisible

cheat_enable_discoverable_system [0/1]

  • Allows you to discover new species

Cheat_build_building_on_random_spot [Blueprint] [Amount]

  • Spawns buildings in random places

cheat_unlimited_money [0/1]

  • Unlimited Resources

cheat_minimap_teleport_on_click [0/1]

  • Teleports to a position on the minimap (open the large minimap and click)


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