Cheat Codes Saints Row 2

Looking for cheat codes for the game Saints Row 2? We have cheat codes for money, weapons, skills, health and more. You can use them on one of these platforms: PlayStation (PS4 and PS3), Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox 360) and PC

Saints Row 2 gives you true freedom in open world games. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed and wildly successful Saints Row, players can play any character they want, with whom they want.

Seven years after the events of the original game, the player finds themselves in the familiar and bored Stillwater as they face the task of restoring the Saints as the rightful kings of the city and taking revenge on those who betrayed them.

Paste the below cheats into your mobile phone in the game.

Cheat Codes Saints Row 2

  • #1  – Full health
  • #2 – The car becomes the maximum weight.
  • #3  –  Critical melee hits.
  • #4  –  Add a star.
  • #5 – Player fall.
  • #6  –  Endless run.
  • #9 – Weapons without reloading.
  • #11 – Infinite ammo.
  • #12 – All the dead will go to heaven.
  • #15 – On the street, all the pedestrians are drunk.
  • #16 – Cars crash.
  • #19 – Angry pedestrians.
  • #18 – Gravity is reduced.
  • #20 – Pedestrians are falling.
  • #35 – Adds one star to the gang.
  • #36 – Immortality
  • #50 – Removes all police wanted stars.
  • #51 – No gang infamy.
  • #2274666399 – Gives you 1000 dollars.


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