What Are 10 Characteristics of News In News Writing

What Are 10 Characteristics of News In News Writing

Characteristics of News are being described here. News is a textual genre, and its primary purpose is to let the reader and viewer be informed. The report consists of a headline, auxiliary title, deal and the text itself.

What Are 10 Characteristics of News In News Writing

The constituent elements of the news text are as follows:

  • Headline or main title – Generally is written very clearly, to draw the reader’s attention.
  • Auxiliary title – It serves as a complement to the main one, with the addition of some information, to make it even more striking to the reader.
  • Lide ( lead ) – Corresponds to the first paragraph and in it are exposed the information that most arouse the attention of the reader to continue reading the text. Try to answer the questions: Who? At where? What? As? When? Because?. This strategy is widely used in newspapers due to its informative nature and to be able to take quick and clear information to the reader.
  • News body – This is the information itself, with a more detailed exposition of the events mentioned. After bringing the most important information in the first paragraph, the following paragraphs present the other events always in descending order of relevance. The information really needed to understand the facts – such as the characters, space, and time – are prioritized.

10 Characteristics of News In News Writing

10 Characteristics Of News 


News writing has come to have certain well-marked characteristics. It must be

(1) concise,

(2) clear,

(3) comparatively simple,

(4) easily read, and

(5) attractive to all classes.10 Characteristics of News In News Writing

Conciseness requires that needless words be omitted, that only such details be given as are necessary for effective presentation of the subject, and that the length of the story be proportionate to the importance of the material.

In order to be concise, however, news writing does not have to be bald and unattractive. Clearness is secured in journalistic style by comparative simplicity of diction, of sentence construction, and of paragraph structure. Learned diction, elaborate figures of speech, and involved sentences have no place in news writing intended to appeal to all classes of readers.

10 Characteristics of News In News Writing

To be attractive to the average rapid reader, newspaper-style must be easy to read. It is made easy, as has been pointed out, by placing the important points in conspicuous positions at the beginnings of sentences and paragraphs. To satisfy the popular taste, newspaper writing must also be interesting in form and in style. It sometimes adopts the more or less striking devices of fiction in order to add to its effectiveness. Furthermore, attractiveness is secured by such typographical means as the use of a frame, or “box,” and bold-face type, for facts of especial importance.

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