Characteristics of the Legal Entity

An entity or organization that is treated by law as a person, that is, holds rights and bears obligations (legal entity).

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Legal entities in Indonesian are defined as organizations or associations that are established with authentic deeds and in law are treated as people who have rights and obligations or are also referred to as legal subjects.


Characteristics of the Legal Body

The characteristics of a business entity that may be subject to a legal entity are as follows:

  1. Has wealth that carries on activities in legal entities
  2. Have separate rights and responsibilities from the person doing the legal entity
  3. Registered as a legal entity
  4. Talk about doing what the law says
  5. Has a notary certificate on his stand.

Forms of Legal Entities

The forms of business entities are of several types, namely:

  1. Assembly (Vereniging)

An association that is formed from the voluntary and deliberate of several people who have the aim to strengthen their economic position or ability, take care of social problems and preserve culture. Like State Enterprises, Limited Liability Companies (PT) and Joint Ventures.

  1. Persekutuan Orang (Community of People)

Form of legal entity that is formed from social and political factors in history. Such as villages, districts, provinces and countries.

  1. Organization

Made by law but with the above two types of legal entity.

Types of Legal Entities

Legal entities comprise several types of categories based on their status, namely;

  • Public Legal Entity

Public legal entity (publiekrecht) is a legal entity made according to public law or legal entity that regulates the relationship between the state and / or its apparatus with citizens relating to public or public interests. Such as criminal law, state law, state administration law, international law and so forth. Examples of public legal entities are the State, Local Government, Bank Indonesia .

  • Private Legal Entity

A private body (privaatrecht) is a body of law made up of civil or civil law or a body of persons working together or forming a body of business and is a unified body of law. Private Legal entities with provisional purposes for example are Limited Liability (PT) or Non Material, such as the Foundation.


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