Characteristics of Descriptive Text

This section will explain the meaning of descriptive texts or paragraphs from some linguists. Iskak and Yustinah (2008) state the description is one type of essay to describe something in accordance with the conditions experienced by the author, so that readers can image everything that is described.

Winarsih and Wahyuni ​​(2008) state that descriptions are also called paintings. The point is an essay that contains the painting or depiction of an object. This is done so that the reader can see, hear, and feel for themselves, the thing described.

Darmayanti (2007) states the text or paragraph description is a reading text that is prepared to describe or to describe an experience, hearing, touch, smell, and feelings about a situation or problem.

In making the description text, the writer tries to move his impressions, observations, and feelings to the reader by conveying the nature and details found from the object.

Darmayanti (2008) states the description paragraph is a paragraph that describes an object based on observation. Imaging is meant to see, hear, smell, and feel. The reader is expected to be able to equate the image in himself with the image of the author.

Paujiyanti (2014) states a descriptive paragraph is a paragraph that describes an object with the aim that readers seem to be able to see, hear, or feel the object described by the author in the paragraph. The object described can be in the form of goods, objects, or places.

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) stated the description paragraph is a paragraph that describes an object in detail or in detail that is equipped with illustrations. The illustrations make it as if the reader can see, hear, and observe the object being told.

Based on the opinion above, if it is concluded then the descriptive text is a text or paragraph describing an object in detail with illustrations, so that readers can feel involved in the story written.

Characteristics of Descriptive Text

As for the characteristics of the descriptive paragraphs from several experts, viz

Paujiyanti (2014) states the characteristics of descriptive paragraphs, namely:

  1. The depiction is done by involving the five senses.
  2. Give a picture of an object, place or atmosphere.
  3. Provide an explanation of the object being described.
  4. It has a purpose so as if the reader can come to hear, see, and feel what is described by the writer himself.

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) stated the characteristics of descriptive paragraphs, namely:

  1. Concerning the purpose of the appearance of an impression based on the effects of the five senses.
  2. Describe or describe an object, thing, or event as an object.
  3. Requires factual data to illustrate, so as to clarify the description.
  4. Use development patterns in the order of space.
  5. Explores the source of ideas or ideas based on observation or observation.

Based on the above opinion it can be concluded that the features of descriptive paragraphs viz

  1. The story told is factual, because it requires data.
  2. Ideas are obtained through observation involving the five senses.
  3. Provide an explanation of the object being conveyed.
  4. Readers can hear, see, and feel the story being told.

Purpose of the Description Paragraph

Writing a paragraph certainly has a specific purpose. No different from the description paragraph. The purpose of descriptive paragraphs is to make the reader feel as if he can feel and see the object described by the writer (Tim Guru Indonesia, 2016).

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008) state the main purpose of the paragraph description is to create the influence of the five senses of the reader to produce a certain impression based on reasoning and imagination.

The above explains that the purpose of descriptive paragraphs is to make the reader feel, see, and hear the story being told, giving rise to a certain impression.

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Steps in Arranging the Description Paragraph

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008), the steps in preparing the paragraph description are:

  1. Choose a topic that will be used as a basis for the description.
  2. Make observations on the object to be described
  3. Collect data in the form of examples, numbers, graphics, images, and statistics for illustration.
  4. Establish appropriate paragraph development patterns
  5. Develop a paragraph framework consisting of basic ideas and explanatory ideas
  6. Develop the framework into a whole paragraph using logical and coherent sentences.

Descriptive Paragraph Development Pattern

Descriptive paragraphs have a certain pattern of development, the following will be explained about the pattern of developing descriptive paragraphs according to some linguists.

Sutarni and Sukardi (2008), the pattern of developing descriptive paragraphs, includes two things, namely the author’s perspective on an object and the detailing technique of the object. But in this discussion will be explained about the perspective of the author of an object.

Based on the author’s perspective on an object, it can be divided into paragraphs with special pattern descriptions and paragraphs with patterns of point of view. The paragraph description of a special pattern is a paragraph that was developed based on a review of an object in terms of space and time.

In this paragraph, the author describes the objects, things, or events, which are related to the location, the elements that are owned, and the boundaries. The presence of characters does not need to be involved, so it is not in the form of perspective.

Paragraph description of the point of view pattern is a paragraph arranged by presenting figures occupying a certain place or position in the object. That figure will later describe in detail about the objects, things, or events in the paragraph.

According to Tukan (2007) states that the description paragraphs can be divided into two kinds, namely the spatial description paragraphs and objective description paragraphs.

Spatial description paragraphs are paragraphs that describe the space or place where an event takes place. Portrayal in paragraphs must be viewed from various aspects so that the space can be clearly depicted in the thoughts and feelings of the reader.

An objective description paragraph is a description paragraph that describes a thing or person by expressing their identity as is. This is so that the reader can imagine the situation.

The writer needs to describe the object from various points of view in order to awaken the reader’s imagination. The details of the painting must be detailed and clearly drawn in the reader’s shadow.

If the object described is related to someone, then the details can be done on physical or spiritual aspects. These spiritual aspects include feelings, character, talents, roles in a field, wealth, and so on.

Such is the explanation of paragraphs or descriptive text, ranging from understanding to the types – types. You can see examples of description text in the article collection of sample text descriptions . Hopefully the presence of this article can help you to understand about descriptive paragraphs. Happy learning buddy.

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