Cayenne pepper: 16 properties, benefits and nutritional values

Cayenne pepper is considered one of the main Hunzas foods in reduces the pain caused by Herpes, osteoarthritis,and rheumatoid arthritis.It is also considered is an excellent natural remedy for cramps and diarrhea.

Calories and nutrition facts of cayenne pepper

100 g of cayenne pepper contain 318 kcal , and:

  • Lipids 17 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 30 mg
  • Potassium 2,014 mg
  • Glucid 57 g
  • Dietary fiber 27 g
  • Sugar 10 g
  • Protein 12 g
  • Vitamin A 41.610 IU
  • Vitamin C 76.4 mg
  • Calcium 148 mg
  • Iron 7.8 mg
  • Magnesium 152 mg

Use in the kitchen

Cayenne pepper is a condiment known all over the world and with its intense and spicy flavor it enhances dishes such as jambalaya (spicy soup from Louisiana), some Thai recipes and chili , a dish of Tex Mex cuisine (based on beans and spicy sauce) so widespread in Mexico and New Mexico that, when the question “Green or red?” is asked, it is understood that we are talking about the color of the sauce.

It is sold already ground and is excellent for flavoring cheeses, eggs and shellfish.

A preparation that allows you to use this spice in an original way to flavor bruschetta or grilled meat is that of cayenne pepper flavored olive oil , very simple to make and keep in a jar ready for use:


  • 100 gr of fresh cayenne peppers
  • 350 ml of olive oil
  • salt

Chop the chillies, salt them, arrange them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven for an hour at low temperature and with the door open, to obtain just the heat that makes them lose their humidity.
Collect the chillies, put them in a jar and cover them with oil taking care to leave at least a cm of air from the upper edge.Close the jars filled with hot pepper and oil and put them to boil in a pan full of water for about half an hour.After a week, the aromatic oil will be ready to give a spicy touch to any dish

Nutritional values ​​and calories:

Based on the recommended daily dose (1 teaspoon) the nutritional data of Cayenne pepper are as follows:

  • 17 calories
  • 1 gram fat
  • 2 mg sodium
  • 3 mg carbohydrates
  • 1 gram fiber
  • 1 gr. sugars
  • 1 gr. protein
  • 44% vit A
  • 8% vit. IS
  • 7% vit. C
  • 6% vit. B6
  • 5% vit. K
  • 5% manganese
  • 3% potassium

Properties and Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

 cayenne pepper was used as a natural remedy.It acts as a blood flow stimulant, but also as a  tonic  and  stomachic,. It also has a thermoregulatory and sweating effect,that’s why it is very effective in fighting colds, congestion and coughs.It acts as a  rubefacient and stimulant,  which makes it an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. It is widely used in fighting:

  • headache
  • neuralgia
  • arthritis
  • muscle pain
  • pains in the oral cavity
  • toothache.

In case of cough , tonsillitis and sore throat , Cayeanna pepper would prove to be particularly effective, in the form of a herbal remedy. It is considered excellent for the treatment of sore throats, coughs and colds, if mixed with molasses. Cayenne pepper is considered among the useful foods to detoxify the body .

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