Causes of yellowing of the leaves of the tree and its remedy

We plant different kinds of trees on the porch or roof of our house. But it is often seen that the leaves of our hobby trees are turning yellow, the leaves are falling, the entire tree is becoming deformed. After so much care, the leaves of the tree turn yellow. There are many reasons why the leaves of a tree are not yellow. The leaves of one tree turn yellow for one reason. If we can’t figure out exactly why a tree is turning yellow, we can’t attend properly. Here are a few reasons from my experience:

If water is low / high

With more or less water needed in the tree, the leaves of the tree are likely to turn yellow. If less water is applied to the tree, the leaves will turn yellow and dry.

Water regularly on the trees

Again, giving enough water to the tree, the leaves can be rubbed with a bit of sauce. Therefore, it is important to be careful about watering the tree so that the amount of water in the tree is not more or less. The tree is likely to die. Always check with the finger on the soil of the tree whether the soil is dry or wet.

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If fertilizer is low / high

We all use chemical fertilizers more or less. But many do not know how much fertilizer to use. So the excessive use of these chemical fertilizers will cause the leaves to turn yellow. In this situation a lot of water will have to be used so that the chemical fertilizer is washed in water. Then it will be possible to save the tree.


If the fertilizer is low then the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. For this, you need to use NPK fertilizer when planting  .

When the amount of oxygen in the soil is reduced

Although the soil is deficient in oxygen, the leaves of the tree may turn yellow. Then, on the ground in the tub of the tree, two side nails should be wiped. Because nails are made of iron, oxygen is needed to catch the rust in the iron. The rust is mainly ferric oxide so when this rust is created it will be able to supply the oxygen required in the soil.

In the absence of potassium

Often, the upper leaves of the tree are green, but the lower leaves turn yellow. Or the yellow around the leaves of the tree but the middle side is green.

NPK fertilizer

If this is the case, then it should be noted that there is a lack of potassium in the tree. In this case, the banana peel should be dried in the sun and blended at the base of the tree. Or use a pinch of potassium fertilizer in the soil of the tree.

Do not give compost fertilizer when planting a new tub

When the soil is prepared for planting new plants, the vermicompost or dung does not fertilize, but the leaves of the tree turn yellow. And every 2 to 6 months, the soil should be sprayed with these compost fertilizers. The tree will get regular food as needed.

Transfer the tub

When insects attack

Often the leaves can turn yellow when they are attacked by insects. For this, measures should be taken to eliminate insects as needed. Spray pesticide conveniently.

In the absence of chlorophyll

After complete care, the leaves of the tree may turn yellow. Then it is understood that there is a magnesium deficiency in the leaves of the tree so that the chlorophyll deficiency can be seen. As a result, the leaves of the tree appear yellowish (become completely faded). Such problems can cause the tree to not produce enough food, so that the flowering of the fruit on the tree will be disrupted on time.

Therefore, in this situation, the tree should use epsom salts (also known as mag salts) in the market. Epsom salts should be spiked from 5 to 5 kg which is mixed with 3 to 2 grams of water in 4 liters of water after 5 to 20 days.

If the seasons change

Often, when the season changes, such as hot to cold or cold to hot or rainy, the leaves of the tree may be yellow. These are normal events. During these times, the leaves of the tree may turn yellow, which is a natural phenomenon. But if the leaves are yellow for a long time or fall, it is important to take some action.

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