Snorkeling: all diving equipment and tips to get started

Snorkeling is not only a fun and fascinating water sport , it also brings many benefits to the health of the mind and body. Those who decide to start this magical underwater adventure, however, must have all the useful snorkeling equipment available and also know the possible risks of this sport. Diving involves a number of potential dangers that a diver must be … Read more

Bicycle Balance

Bicycle Balance. The stability of the bicycle circulating in a curve is mainly due to the centrifugal force that acts on the center of gravity of the combination of machine and cyclist, and to the gyroscopic effect of the front and rear wheels. When driving in a straight line, the action of the gyroscopic effect is also combined with that of the centrifugal … Read more

Sports biomechanics

Sports Biomechanics studies the movements of man in the process of physical activity both to improve sports performance, avoid injuries, develop training techniques and design high-performance accessories, materials and equipment, as well as to establish more efficient and objective rehabilitation processes. in sick or disabled people. Summary [ hide ] 1 story 2 Object of study and fundamental problem 1 Partial tasks … Read more

Modern betting on boxing fights

Boxing is in the ranking of popular sports around the world. The fights are broadcast on TV and online via the Internet. This sport has a huge number of spectators, among whom some want to bet on boxing. This process is best done through specialized bookmakers. These include Parimatch, where boxing betting online is available … Read more