What are the types of market in economics

what type of market to target and have business impact. Markets in economics according to national competition for services and products To satisfy the needs of all people, there is a huge economic system , where a wide variety of companies distribute the resources and services demanded. In such a massive environment, what helps are the different types of markets, … Read more

Difference Between departmental budget and an organizational budget?

Today in this article we will talk about What is a departmental budget and an organizational budget? When we talk about a budget, we refer to a specific amount of money , which is needed in order to cover an economic expense in the company. In a way, the budget provides guidance on the economic capabilities of a project, since … Read more

5 Importance of economy in society

The economy and its branches are the science that is responsible for the study of resources, production, distribution, and the use and consumption of resources to satisfy human needs. The economy is what creates the ties between society and the public and private administration . It should be noted that before there was a science for the study of economics, it … Read more

Why are there economic fluctuations in short-term interest rates?

The economy and its changes have many things that are unpredictable, with economic fluctuations being one of the most common. In case of getting used to resorting to fast online loans or to creditors in person, an interest rate will always be estimated according to the loan granted. From both the position of lender and borrower, it is important to take into account the economic … Read more

What are the types of scales for satisfaction surveys

Competition in the market for any product is increasing, having to have a good quality of services provided . You determine whether the products are having good impact to the public, it is easier to do than it seems. The satisfaction scales are important, helping to determine what improvements should be in service. Their types allow an adaptation according to the public to … Read more

Adam Smith: Father of Economics

Table of contents: Smith’s most famous theory is his “The Wealth of Nations” entitled “The Wealth of Nations”, but his first major treatise, “The Theory of Moral Sentiments,” released in 1759 created many of the ideas that are still practiced today. . Some may be surprised to learn that in this book, Smith, known as the … Read more