What are short, medium and long term goals in a life

The life goals are those things that we do in the short, medium and long term for our lives. Every person should have goals to be able to live based on our reality, goals are understood to be everything that a person aspires, the paths that he intends to take for an end.

A planned project, a life path full of expectations , hopes, values , which are expected and aspired to be achieved in the future. Without goals, without a life project, there is no long-term life expectancy , you do not know what you want to achieve and you will be lost looking for what to do, so, from a young age, they teach us to have goals so that this does not happen.

Work goals are those that we seek to find an end in the workplace , that is, we propose a path that will help us get a job. It is said that those who fight the most for this are the musicians, but it may or may not be a simple myth. As soon as the desired job is achieved, we must not lower our spirits, on the contrary, we must move forward with better goals and from then on start with long-term goals. We should not be afraid of questions asked in job interviews .

The secret is to reflect, meditate, determine, think, rest, lower stress , communicate and above all take action so that what that person wants is given. At some point in our lives we will find ourselves without knowing what to do, but there will always be a person who will help us to get out of the void in which we find ourselves.

Currently life goals for technology reasons, since we live it day by day, one of those general problems could be carpal tunnel syndrome.

What can we understand by short, medium and long term goals?

It depends on our level of ability, level of freedom, economic level and level of culture. It also depends a lot on opportunities, weaknesses, strengths, threats, visions. We need to accomplish what will make us happy for life and for that are the following goals:

How do I set my short-term goals?

These are the goals that we have in a much closer future than normal, it may be tomorrow or the following week, but they do not require a waiting time and if they do it is too short a period of time compared to the other two.

The coming days or weeks are considered for the short term , things like learning to cook, traveling on vacation, getting a job, learning to play tennis, studying for an exam, etc. Short-term goals are usually related to medium-term goals, since these are achieved and then reach something greater.

How do I set my medium-term goals?

These are the goals that we are going to achieve in a slightly more distant time , not too much but enough, that is, in a few months or a month. These are goals that we want to achieve and require a lot of effort, it can be achieved in several short-term goals or a clear goal with a long way to go.

But, in the workplace it can even be years , since these are the goals that lack the most sense. An order or a structure must be followed so as not to have to affect the long-term goals, the order is the same as we talk about in this work.

How do I set my long-term goals?

Goals are those that will or relizarán in quite a while extensive , usually dependent on years time, and even it is considered as the greatest goal or entrepreneurial point of arrival of a person.

This classification will depend on the times and opportunities that a person has. A clear example that is a goal of several is to have a wife , children and a sustainable income for the family.

All people have goals in life, but not all of us get to achieve them so you lose the desire to get ahead, however, hope is never and can never be lost. We must learn from our failures and celebrate each of our accomplished goals .

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