Why are there economic fluctuations in short-term interest rates?

The economy and its changes have many things that are unpredictable, with economic fluctuations being one of the most common. In case of getting used to resorting to fast online loans or to creditors in person, an interest rate will always be estimated according to the loan granted.

From both the position of lender and borrower, it is important to take into account the economic fluctuation in interest rates. Well, its variations can be caused by various reasons or situations in which the loan is found.

Bearing this in mind, it is only necessary to know the reason why this occurs and if it is possible to avoid them in some cases.

Economic fluctuations in short-term interest rates

From the investor position, it is mandatory to be aware of the conditions in the financial market to operate. This is why interest rates are part of this knowledge, determining what they are, when and why they vary.

All can affect the status and management of investments, being seen in two essential ways: as the cost of borrowing and as the compensation that is received for lending money to the borrower.

The short-term interest rates are used as compensation for the lender, since it is possible to find the risk of not getting the loan back. All this represents inflationary increases when the money is received back, because if there are increases in price levels, the purchasing power of money is reduced , thus losing money in practice.

The reasons why interest rates may fluctuate may be due to the demand and supply of credit in the market. If there is a higher demand, you will get a higher interest rate because agents have a better chance of acquiring loans despite the rate increasing.

When demand decreases, interest rates will decrease in order to attract agents to apply for loans. Conversely, the lower the supply, the higher the interest rate because those who lend money require more returns.

This will occur regardless of the amount of the loan or the institution. This keeps the financial market in constant motion, generating losses that are part of the risk that is usually run.

To determine this, a comparative study of the economic changes in the industry can be made. Thus, the fluctuation of short-term interest rates can be estimated  and the reasons explained to those involved in the credit granted.

That said, knowledge of the market economy will be available on the demand side , considering whether it is a profitable procedure.  So from the position of lender or borrower, you will understand what it means to provide and apply for loans.

Is it advisable to participate in loans despite this economic fluctuation?

As in any market, risks exist and fluctuations, in this case, can be very harmful or completely beneficial. All this will depend on the handling and movement that you are creating at all times for whoever is inside.

In the case of inflation, it is determined as a factor that affects changes in the interest rate. If you have a higher price level, you will reduce the power of the lenders so, to compensate, the interest rate increases.

These fluctuations could increase the growth in the value of your investment as soon as it is made. At present, the theory of loanable funds and the real interest rate establishes a fixed income investment for a better balance.

With all this, it is sought to reduce the market interest rates partially or totally , increasing the value of the installments, but having constancy. Thus, creating expectations of the trajectories of interest rates and monitoring the performance of economic variables, helps to increase the return on investments.

Each of these indications is very subjective, so it is recommended to have a good capital from the position of lender or commitment and perseverance when being a borrower.


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