Experts increasingly emphasize the fact that hearing loss is increasingly occurring at more advanced ages. A pathology that has always been considered typical of the wear of age, is increasingly advanced by the simple fact of not knowing how to care for the ear correctly.

In today’s article we talk with our Audiotek friends , experts in ear care, to explain how to take care of the ear precisely so as not to fall into those usual mistakes that can cause premature pathologies. At Audiotek they are a team of professionals dedicated to hearing health, the best to explain a few good things to the ear.

How to take care of the ear 1: Have an audiometry from time to time

The risk of hearing loss is a slow and silent process that does not present any pain. And the real problem is that, once it has been presented, it is usually irreversible, regardless of age. Therefore, the best option is prevention and the best way is to have an audiometry when in doubt.

How to take care of the ear 2: Do not abuse the headphones

If we are listening to music or playing a video game with headphones and, when removed, we hear a kind of whistle, it is an unequivocal sign that we have used them too long. We must stop using them at least half an hour three times a day so that the eardrums can rest.

Likewise, it is also important to be careful with the sound volume level. Most devices alert when we are exceeding the inappropriate threshold.

How to care for the ear 3: Protect yourself from the wind

When we are driving it is important that we make sure not to drive with the window completely open. Intense wind can produce humming that can degenerate into inflammations.

How to take care of the ear 4: Speak on the phone correctly

Talking on the phone we usually end up pressing the headset against the ear. This situation is counterproductive since it causes numbness. On the other hand, if we have long conversations, it is important that we pass the phone from one ear to another to avoid fatigue and not compromise on hearing.

How to care for the ear 5: Be careful when diving

When we dive into the water it is vital to do it slowly. Especially if we do it in deep water. This will prevent water from being stored in the ear that can end up causing us otitis.

How to care for the ear 6: Avoid exposure to loud noises

Numerous studies show that continued exposure to continuous or sudden sounds may be the cause of irreversible hearing loss. In fact it is the main cause of hearing loss among youth.

How to care for the ear 7: Wear hearing protectors

The use of custom-made hearing protectors is advisable, not only to minimize the effect that intense noise can cause. It is also suitable in swimming pools, since it reduces the level of humidity caused by the contact of water, decreasing the risk of otitis.

How to care for the ear 8: Do not put objects in the ear

The use of applicators and swabs for ear cleaning is not advisable. Our ear has a self-cleaning mechanism that naturally removes the cerumen particles that form inside.


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