What Is Cardio Exercise,20 Universal Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises.

Cardio is also known as Cardiovascular exercises.These exercises  improve our resistance, increase our heart rate and breathing. Cardiovascular exercise is also all common exercise that we make in our daily life, (walking, cycling  or going up and down stairs).

What Is Cardio Exercise,20 Universal Benefits of Cardiovascular exercises.

20 Universal benefits of Cardio

Improves the health of the heart and the motor system.
Reduces the risk of suffering from diseases.
Fight fatigue.
Improves muscle health, stimulating the growth of small capillaries that carry more oxygen.
Reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
Prolonga life.
Improves the defenses and the immune system.
Improves self-esteem.

  • Increase your energy level and your physical endurance.
  • It helps you lose weight. Cardio helps burn lots of calories and speeds up our metabolism.
  • Decreases body fat Cardio improves our Body Mass Index (BMI) as it decreases the amount of fat in our body. Exercising regularly will help us keep the line longer.
  • It helps control blood pressure because it improves blood circulation throughout our body.
  • Strengthens the immune system. By increasing the heart rate blood vessels dilate allowing a greater flow of white blood cells, the agents responsible for fighting against viruses and infections.
  • It helps control cholesterol levels. Cardio helps reduce “bad” cholesterol and increases “good” cholesterol.
  • It keeps sugar levels stable , helping to prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • It helps to prevent some diseases. Cardio helps prevent cardiovascular disease, keeps cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes stable; besides that it strengthens the heart and the lungs.

Cardio, HIIT or bodybuilding – what is the most effective Exercise For weight loss workout?

Let’s meet the 3 participants:

  • HIIT  or High Intensity Interval Training is a technical training and cardio workout consisting of alternating low intensity and controlled intervals with sporita intensity. Perioadele high intensity training are very effective for fat burning and combined with reduced intensity allow recovery of body.
  • Cardiovascular training   consists of a series of physical exercises designed to strengthen this connection. They happen for a long period of time and make your heart beat a lot. This increases blood circulation to provide optimal amounts of nutrients and oxygen to every cell in the body. Any activity that increases the number of heart beats by 50-70  %  of the maximum number of beats is in the cardio category. As the maximum number of heartbeats depends on age, you can use this simple formula to find out what is approximately:
    1. Decrease your age by  220  ( 220  –  age  =   maximum heart rate  )
    2. It calculates between  50% and 70%  of the number obtained

As long as you are 10 extra bat or less, compared to the number obtained using the formula, then you can say that you are doing a cardiovascular workout at the appropriate intensity.

It does not matter what exercises or drills you choose:  running  ,  cycling  , dancing, tennis as long as you put your blood in motion.

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