What Is Car Stereo Din

A DIN is a standard created by the German standardization institute Deutsches Institut für Normung, whence the initials “DIN”. The standard specifies height and width, but not length for car heads . So when such a unit is referred to as a DIN stereo car, or a DIN car radio, it means that it is the height and width specified in the DIN standard.

Car manufacturers and car stereo manufacturers around the world use this standard, which is why most heads are interchangeable in size. Wiring is another matter, but the DIN standard is the reason why you can replace so many OEM car stereo systems with after-sales service devices and adjust them with almost no problems.

Although the DIN standard specifies only one height and width, the manufacturers of main modules also produce devices that are twice as tall. These double high units are called double DINs because they are literally twice as high as the actual DIN standard.

To complicate matters further, a small number of heads are 1.5 times higher than the DIN standard, which technically makes them 1.5 DIN .

How do you know if your radio is a single DIN?

The easiest way to find out if a car radio is a DIN is to measure it. If the radio is about two inches high, it’s probably a DIN. And if it’s about four inches high, then it’s double DIN. There are rarely cases of 1.5 DIN radios between the two and there is no such thing as a 3 DIN head or anything else standardized to such a size or larger.

Some cars are harder than others. For example, if a dash has three vertically arranged slots that are about two inches high, and only one is powered by an OEM radio, it is probably just a simple single DIN main module. In this case, it is difficult to say what the other slots are about or whether a larger unit could be accommodated.

In most cases, empty slots above or below a main DIN were originally designed to contain a CD player or other audio equipment. In some cases, it is even possible to find new old equipment sitting on the dealer’s shelf and install a factory CD player in an older car that is so equipped.

As for the actual replacement of a single DIN master with a double DIN master , this is usually not possible. In situations like the ones described above, where there are dashes a few extra boxes, it may be, but the problem is still complicated. Before attempting such an upgrade, it is important to check if the “slots” can actually be accessed and then measure the available space.

Replacement of the only car radio with DIN

When you are ready to replace your only car remote, the easiest option is to buy a single dealer for after-sales service. Although there are sometimes slight differences in fixation and completion, most single DIN audio-visual units are designed to be mounted in an adjustable collar, which facilitates installation in almost any individual DIN slot.

Replacement of one DIN radio with double DIN

Because double DIN heads are twice as tall as single DIN heads, you can always switch from double to single, but otherwise you will have space problems. If your vehicle has an OEM option for a factory CD player or some other separate piece of DIN car audio equipment, then you have room, but you may encounter other problems.

Before proceeding, it is important to make sure that the additional slot is actually a slot and that it is actually two inches high. Some cars have blind slots that appear to be designed to accept a device like a CD player, but that’s all for show.

You may find that there is no removable cover and even if you cut it, it may have hidden a mess of cables or ducts that do not allow the installation of a double DIN head unit.

Some cars that have storage pockets under their heads may also look as if they can accept double DIN replacement, while there is simply not enough space. The actual hole height can fit 1.5 DIN units or even be too small for this.

Dash space and other difficulties

Assuming your hyphen has a place, the next problem you’ll encounter is wiring. Even if you are trying to replace a factory-fitted single DIN unit with a double DIN rail, you will usually find that the harness connectors are not the same. This means that you will either need to find an adapter or use a power diagram to connect a new connector to your existing wiring system.

The next number you may encounter is that even if your dash has an empty slot under the main module, these “empty slots” are usually inserted into the dashboard, rather than as a removable cap, as you find in computer cases with empty device slots. ,,

And even if it has a removable cap and there’s a lot of free space behind it, it’s still designed to allow you to slide into another DIN drive like a CD player. If you want to actually replace your one DIN master with a double DIN drive, you will probably end up cutting the part of the dash that separates the two slots.

If your vehicle has an OEM option for a dual DIN main module, then you may be able to replace the existing dash or center console of the panel with one that is designed for a double DIN main module. This is not always an option, but it is worth checking out.

Why double DIN?

Before you go through all the work to replace your 1 DIN radio with 2 DIN heads, it may be worth asking yourself why you are doing it.

Although dual DIN heads have a lot more real estate for features like touch screens and interior space for features like more powerful amplifiers and built-in CD changers , that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better.

If you are looking for a large touch screen, you can find single DIN heads with sliding screens that are quite large. You can also add components such as an external amplifier or CD changer without cutting into the dashboard, and you can even use this optional DIN slot for a graphic equalizer or other useful audio component.


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