Car position on the roadway: which is the correct one

The position of vehicles on the roadway cannot be accidental: to regulate it, you must know what is contained in article 143 of the Highway Code (DL n.285 of 30 April 1992).

Here’s what you need to know about it.

The terms of the CdS: road, lane and carriageway

L ‘ Article 143 of the Highway Code defines very clearly the position to keep with your vehicle on the roads: follow its provisions, as well as the license to keep you and your wallet, it is essential to ensure all road users maximum security.

First of all, let’s clarify the terms repeated in the CdS: for example, do you know the difference between carriageway and lane?

The lane is the part of the carriageway (or road) that allows the movement of a row of vehicles; the carriageway, on the other hand, can have one or more lanes.

It is the way? The road expresses a broader concept and is defined as the transport infrastructure that is intended for the circulation of vehicles, pedestrians and animals.

They seem obvious, but a review never hurts: but now let’s move on to the rules.

Traffic regulations on the carriageway

The first point of article 143 of the CdS concerns the positioning of motor vehicles in the carriageway: they must circulate on the right side and close to the right edge, even when the road is clear.

The second point concerns the positioning of vehicles without engines (and animals), but the position is the same.

Now let’s go directly to point 4, which clarifies the position to take if there are separate carriageways:

  • 2 lanes – you have to keep the rightmost one
  • 3 separate carriageways – the right or the central one (unless otherwise indicated)

Point 5 expresses the position in the case of a carriageway with 2 or more lanes in each direction of travel: in this case, always occupy the rightmost free lane because the one on the left is for overtaking.

Point 11 concerns those who circulate in the wrong direction: if you run into this very serious error you will be subject to an administrative fine ranging from 162 to 646 euros.


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